Whats the largest rims you have seen on a Mustang?

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  1. I just saw a Mustang today and it had insanely large rims on it.
    How he is able to even turn his wheel is beyond me.
    Will post up pics in a few...
  2. The biggest I have personally seen are probaly 20-22" or so.

    The biggest I have seen online were gargantuan. The damn Stang sits higher than my lightly lifted Jeep!
  3. Oh hell NA !!!
  4. lol, dude, anything over 18's is dumb, and ive only seen one guy pull of 19's which looked sick, but thats ONE guy.
  5. what will big rims do to track times?
  6. Make them equivelent to a stock late 80's Honda Civic with a triple deck wing and folgers can exhaust, plus 600 lbs worth of sterio equipment.

    Does wonders for braking also.
  7. I have pictures of a fox body with 24's on it. It looks like a lifted truck
  8. From my understanding - anything over 17" for stock brakes and stock powerplant is suboptimal for our cars. Even 18" on the rear can detract from your cars performance. Basically - more weight on the driveline means more power/torque required to move the driveline. Lighter is better.
  9. Well, as you can see this guy didn't "raise" his car like a 4x4 for them to fit, he actually lowered it :jaw:

    Check it out, those are actuallly 24" rims on that stang:

  10. You should get a set of those wheels for your car! It would go with the current theme!
  11. :puke: :uzi: it being low, makes them look even bigger :notnice:
  12. wen i was stationed at ft hood last year there was a 96 gt that was running around with 24's.it was lifted like 4 inches. lol!. the sad thing is, was that it was s super clean car and in outstanding shape. ill see if i can find pics.
  13. besides that its fuuuuugly, wow, all that extra rolling mass and stock brakes! how does he turn? :jaw:
  14. I have actually seen 24" rims on a fox body in my town.

    I took these pics on the freeway....IMO, it looks like a clown car.

  15. was that a 4 cyl?
  16. All I can say is...:bang:
  17. Oh really...exactly what theme would that be?

  18. Depends really. For drag racing, smaller is better. 15's will outperform 17's by allowing more sidewall flew to soften a launch. Plus they are usually lighter.

    In terns of road handling, larger rims are better to a point. The increase in turning response (due to smaller sidewall) is not always in proportion to the loss of acceleration and braking due to moving the mass of the wheel further away from center.

    The heaviest part of the wheel is the rim part whichis the inside of the tire...the metal part. Larger diameter wheels push this further from the hub. It's like the lever theory - the farther from center, the more energy to move.

    Now...in terms of looks, it's all subjective to what is proportional to the eye.

    For fox bodies, i think 17's look good with the smaller fenders and body size.

    For 94-98's, 17's and sometimes 18's look good

    For 99+ with larger body and fenders, 18" looks the best. 17's sometimes look puny in the wells.

    For 05+ though, 20's look awesome. Once you get awya from the whole bling bling thing, they can look very nice if done right.


    There are always exceptions though. I have seen an '04 Cobra lowered on nice 20" rims that did look nice. The problem is most people who put 20" wheels are in the bling bling crowd and put gawdy wheels that belong in a rap video on the car
  19. look at how TINY those brake rotors are on the red dubbed out mustang - unreal