Whats your mustangs weight?

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  1. what does the average mustang weigh? mine is a 04 drop top, about how much does she weigh? and what is the weight ratio front to rear? is it close to 50-50 or is it like 70-30? :shrug:

    also how much fuel does our gas tanks hold? i thought it was 24 gal, but i have put up to 14 gal a couple times.
  2. For your Convertible it says 3,429-3,477, I think the usual front/back ratio is 57/43, and the fuel tank has been 15.7 gallons for 20 years or so.
  3. cooll, thx
  4. mine weighs in over 3500 lbs...its heavy with the extra dynamat and stereo etc...I need 350rwhp just to run 14's :)
  5. Weighed mine in recently at a station reading 3,700 with a full tank of gas w/o me in it. :(

    Fortunately I'm only 180lbs, but with a passenger or any other cargo man this thing is a pig.
  6. wow, i guess if i had a full tank i'd be in that area also...i remember reading gas weighs alittle over 6.25 lbs per gallon...so its a good 100lbs for a full tank. Thats Tbird/Cougar territory.
  7. 3452 without me. i weigh 260. the motor is REAL heavy.
  8. i always thought the tank was 14.7:shrug:

    anyway, my car in track trim w/ me in it weighed 3480 one trip and 3520 on the next. only difference was gas level. and for weight distribution, im not exactly sure, but the way our cars handle/act, they feel around 80/20 :nonono:
    50/50 distribtion is almost impossible to achieve, especially on a FR vehicle. you should feel even an M3 (54/46, or right around there). insane handling from the factory. amount of weight and its location has a TON to do with handling
  9. You're a motor? :rlaugh: jk jk :p
  10. Wow.. That was pretty funny =)
  11. Is the Door Sticker weight price true?? I hope not because mine says my car weights 4823lbs
  12. Nope, You aren't weighing in at 4800lbs unless you have some obese friends riding with you :)
  13. LOL. I was hoping not
  14. 3540lbs with a full tank of gas including all my mods.

  15. that's gross vehicle weight rating. basically you don't want to load up the car and make it weight more than that. at that point, you have more weight than the car was designed to handle.