When to buy, when to buy...

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  1. I am extremely excited about the new 2005 stang. The problem is, so are so many others. Which means If I want one of the 300 hp GTs I am going to have to pay an arm and a leg to get one in September. Do I really have to wait a year to get a good deal? I could always wait for someone who could not afford the new one they bought and buy it off them for 3-4 grand less when it is only 2-3 months old.

    When is the best time to buy? :shrug:
  2. Wait for a while till Ford fixes the problems, and please don't get an automatic, till they can prove that they're good. Ford's great for building ****ty automatics. Wait till the summer of 05 to see what comes up.
  3. I agree, I think you should nurse the excitement a little bit and wait it out to get a great price on one! I would even wait till a second model year to make sure they get all the bugs worked out! That's just me though!

  4. I'm going to wait for 1 to 1 /12 years before I buy one. Plus, I'm thinking about buying the Cobra Mustang. I'm going to wait. I don't want to be price gouged by the Ford dealer. It's not worth it. I would rather wait until the prices drop with the rebates. That's the ONLY way that you can save money when buying a car.
  5. Patience has never been an attibute of mine. And I have not owned a Mustang since I had to sell my '65 when my daughter was born. I know that is going to add up to buying in September!
  6. I'm just going to wait for the A-plan price to kick in. :banana:

    But on the other hand...I'll be a recent college grad without much savings, so It'll probably be smarter for me to wait for rebates to put on top of my A-plan price. How long do you suppose it will take for rebates?
  7. Depending on how much of a discount you expect to get, you shouldn't have to wait too long. I expect that by the end of this year you'll be able to get them for under MSRP without any great difficulty. It's not a limited production car :D. Personally, I'm going to hold off on my decision on whether or not to get a GT until we have better information on the 2006 SVT Mustang.

  8. I'll get a 06 on October 2006, 05 is going to be buggy and on October 2006 the 06 should have some good rebates, besides I'll get it with my X-plan :nice:
  9. I wouldn't automatically assume these things will be buggy they are being built at Ford's best plant.
  10. Yes, I hope it will be bug free too.
  11. You guys must really hate your current cars, lol. I'm excited about the new car, too, but I'm gonna wait til I can get exactly what I want for exactly what I want to pay. I've been waiting almost 20 years for Ford (or anyone in Detroit) to build a car I'd want to buy, so another year or two won't kill me.
  12. So whats so good about this plant compared to others? It would be great if they got good, hard working people there, that are screened, so that they stay off of drugs, instead of some bum building a car while high on crack. So why is this plant so much better? And where is it located at?
  13. The new Ford Mustang plant is located in Flat Rock, Michigan. They also build Madzas (the Mazda6) at the new Flat Rock, Michigan Plant. All Mazdas are supposed to be better quality, except that that the 1st Mazdas that they built at that plant had rust problems with the doors. This rust problem was caused from a special solution that was added to each car when putting on the door mouldings on the door seams. This solution had some type of chemical in it which caused rust to appear on the doors on the seams. I beleive that Mazda has already corrected the problem.

    It would be better to wait until 2005 or 2006. By then, Ford will add some new looks to the current 2005 Mustang design. We will probably see some nice looking blown side scoops and a blown hood scoop. Maybe they will also bring back the Bullitt rims or even the Magnum wheels. That's what I'm hoping for here. The current 2005 Mustang GT looks nice, but it would look nicer and meaner looking if it had these extra added features to it.
  14. I've posted this before on other topics, but here it goes again:

    I have 2 relatives that have 2002 Cougars. Both of them are built just about flawless. I have not been able to find any build defects on either one of them. The biggest thing I could find to complain about between the 2 cars is that the front bumper cover is not a perfect color match to the body. But the bumper covers are painted by the bumper vendor not at the assembly plant, so these things happen.

    As I'm sure you guys know, the last Cougar was built @ AAI
  15. With Ford looking to sell 150K -180K or more a year. Any dealer who's going to mark up price is stupid. With the Goat you can understand.
  16. Ford will add new features every couple of years, most likely, but I'd bet that it won't be at the pace it was towards the end of the Fox series -- there was a need to keep the lineup fresh and new all the time, to keep people interested until Ford could get the 2005 to market.

    That said, I wouldn't worry about what it might have next year. When you find what you want, buy it. That may be 2005, or it may not happen until 2010. Life is for living now...