Where are the power window fuses??

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  1. Hey,
    My passenger window stoped working on my 93 gt hatch. I want to first check the fuses to make sure that's not the problem. Where is the fuse? Is there more than one fuse box on the car? If it turns out not to be the fuse, how can i force the window up until I am able to replace the motor?
    Thanks. Need to get this fixed asap, getting married saturday and I dont have much time to mess with it.
  2. window

    The problem is usually the switch. Go to the junkyard and get a new one or if its the passenger side use the driver's side switch. Or rip the switch out and bypass it to get the window up.
  3. The power windows use a circuit breaker that is mounted on the battery side of the starter solenoid. It looks like a little metal box.
  4. U can force the window up by first removing the door panel. Then, unbolt the motor and remove it. At this point you can push the window up manually. Aftwards, reinstall your motor and the window will stay up.

    Alot of the time, after messing with the motor, the window starts working again. It did for me on two of my stangs. go figure.
  5. Remove the door mounted speaker & the upholstery panel to gain access to the motor. There are 3 screws (5/16" hex head, I think) that secure the motor in place. Remove them and the motor comes out without any problems. Once you remove all the screws from the motor, and it falls away from the gear teeth on the arm for the glass, the glass will move up and down. You may need a helper to hold the glass once the motor screws are out, since the gear on the motor holds the glass from sliding up or down

    The motor is the same for left side or right side, only the gearboxes are different. If you can't find the complete assembly for the side you want, you can get either side and use the old gearbox on the new motor.

    There a 3 plastic rollers inside the motor gearbox about 3/8" x 3/8" in diameter. They are usually what fails when the electic part of the motor works OK. The rollers crack and break into lots of little pieces and the gearbox doesn't work anymore. The auto parts stores may have the rollers in the Help! section.
  6. Thanks a lot for the help! Since only one of the windows stoped working I ruled out the possibility that the circuit breaker was the problem. So I took the panel off and started unbolting the motor, and after almost completely unbolting it I tried the switch and the motor works! Very relieved that I dont have to replace the motor. Thanks.
  7. what did I tell ya uh? :rolleyes: magically works again.
  8. No, you still have to replace the motor. Once they get cranky, its time to change them. If you don't, they will extract revenge by failing in the down position during a rainstorm when you have a passenger that you don't want to get wet.

    I have had them just get tired, and not work. I removed them, and just connected to a battery, they still spin. But they did not have enough power to work the window. New motor has fixed it every time.
  9. A true statement for sure. And there always exeptions to the rule though. My stang did this trick 2 years ago and still works fine today. :shrug:

    I always have a set of tools handy in my trunk, cuz well lets face it the car is nearing the 20 year mark... Id be able to get the window up if needed, albeit maybe at an inconvient time.. but you get what im saying... it may or may NOT fail u just never now. Mine has been spot on for quite some time now.

    But YES, buying a new motor will give a good peace of mind to the oringal thread starter.
  10. The rollers that disintegrate inside the gear box will often cause the works when it is out of the car but not is the car symptom.
  11. Are the power window curcuit breakers used for any thing else? I have a 88GT with manual windows but I have the circuit breakers. Makes me think the power windows were romoved from my car.
  12. Very true words here. Multiple plastic internal parts and torque = could have been engineered by the same guy who signed-off on addin' fog lights to headlight circuits.

    I kinda did a head-scratch some time back. Same stuff (on rear window motors) - they'd bench test like a champ, even against some resistance applied to the output shaft. But once they had the weight and resistance of the window, track and regulator to fight, the plastic guts just distorted rather than moving the window.