Where do Fox Body Stangs Rank.....?

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  1. I'd love to have one like that for a daily driver. I'm so glad you didn't let it go to the junk yard.

    It is getting somewhat difficult to find clean unmolested fox body Mustangs. So many of them were high school hot rodded and either were wrecked or just plain ragged out and rigged over the years.
  2. Just sold my fox vert. It was a fun car to drive, and I did recieve a lot of compliments on it.

    I just could not bring myself to dump much time or money into it.
  3. The Fox Mustang was the rebirth of Ford's performance. Although I don't see them as ever being as popular as the early cars, they are steadily gaining value and have been declared the next '57 Chevy by several magazines. Although I have a 64-1/2 and a 65, I still enjoy my early '84 GT with the T-Roof.
  4. this is exactly my point. in many years there wont be many stock mint cars left. everyone who has one want to customize it. i think they will be valuable solely based on being the fan favorite car of the 80's early 90's decade. fox body will always be loved by many.
  5. So true.
  6. I think that day is right now. I few months ago I parted out an '89 GT after I took what I needed. ONe guy bought the rear end to replace the one in his GT because it leaked so bad and he didn't feel like fixing the leak because he was selling the car anyway. Not only that but he didn't have a place to change it, so he brought the car over and we changed it in my driveway. Anyway, his car was a modified '88 that was decent, if a bit beat. The good was it had been lowered a bit, the stance looked great, it had the same wheels I have (Cobra R's) it had Flowmasters and turndowns (sounded very good at idle!) and an X303 cam, intake spacer, short throw shifter, fiberglass hood and driver-quality paint. The bad was it rode on four bald tires, for some reason the doors fit terrible and it wasn't smog-legal. He had been trying for months to get $3k out of it on craigslist without any takers at all. Whether it was due to the lack of smog equipment or the signs of past abuse, the car was virtually worthless, even though it was decent and had a clean interior. The only way he was gonna sell that car was by parting it out. There's another '89 GT across the street from my house that the guy claims to have $7,000 in receipts for the engine alone, it has nice cutom paint, it's dropped a bit, Cobra R's Saleen wing, ect. He's asking $7,000 for the car and the only offer he's gotten as for $1,500. Again, the car isn't smog legal and is virtually worthless because of it. Not only is my car smog legal, it's stock except for wheels, and although I plan to drop it a touch, I have no plans to change that. I believe it needs to be legal for someone to even consider buying it these days, but eveidently some people don't.
  7. while i agree with comments and statements made in this trend 1 thing people seem to be forgetting is that the fox is the most sought after mustang ever built i have an '88 LX coupe hatchback with the 4 cyl in it while you dont see too many 4 cyl in it they are becoming more sought after because it is a mustang, light body, and can be souped up with very little upgrades to make decent horse and good cheap power with good gas millage, I also have a 1995 Cobra R (#74 of 250) that was given to me upon graduation that has been modded to a 7 second race car and was built by jim summers, scratch the fact of gas and price for a second i would be able to sell my fox quicker because more people want them than i can one of the rarest mustangs ford ever produced.
  8. I can't say I agree with this statement. Most attainable based on your average persons budget....sure, but the Mustangs of the 60's and early-70's and the newest generation are still probably the most "sought after" of the bunch. The originals are the collectables. The latest gen are the drivers, with the turnkey perforamance and full boat warranty. People buy Fox's to hotrod on a budget...not because they were a coveted piece of North American history.
  9. Cool thread! I LOVE the fox-body mustang. When I drive the C5 corvette I own, I catch people looking at the car, but they typically quickly look away as if not to grant me the satisfaction of knowing that they think it's cool or looks good. They probably figure me for a rich snob or something, even though the car is only worth around $13k, now. I guess I'm just the stereotypical 'vette owner to them.

    On the other hand, when I drive the '91 fox, loud... smells of gas....original peeling 21 y/o paint...etc... guys are leaning out of their car windows at red lights to get my attention so they can give me a thumbs up. Guys are always revving because they want me to rev back. Gate guards to get on post are asking me to do a burn out so they can watch! People follow me into parking lots to talk about the build foxbody they had when they were teenagers. A cop pulled me over just to BS about how he missed having his old notch-back intercepter.... Suddenly, I'm everyone's buddy.

    The thing is, everyone had one, has one, or knew someone that had one of these cars, and they just relate to the positive experiences that they've had when they see one in good condition. I own both cars because I truly enjoy them, but the fact that the fox attracts so much attention is icing on the cake.

    Brian, whether people buy them because of it or not, the fox-body mustang is a coveted piece of American Hot-rodding history.:nice:
  10. Just wanna chime in a bit... I just took my uncles 73 Grande home to rebuild, since I just finished my beloved fox body. I've had the fox since it came off the truck at ford with 7 miles on it.
    Shes on her third engine. I've changed brakes to 02 mustang front, its a 331 with trickflows, and a Carb. I deleted the efi due to severely damaged harnesses . Its my baby. She won't pass smog, but I never plan to sell her. Once I get the 73 where I want, they'll both sit side by side as classics in my eyes. Oh and uh, to hell with restoring ... Restomod for me. I build my cars as I want them. I couldn't care less about their value to others, as long as I love them.
  11. Coveted...for certain. Especially by fans of the generation. I'm just not so sure I'd consider it the most sought after Mustang "ever" built.

    On a side note....I can't go more than a week at a time without someons saying "Whoa....nice car man" as I'm seen getting into, or out of it in a partking lot. I'd say about 50% of the comments are from people who actually know what kind of car it is. The rest just see the shiney black paint, the 10" wide wheels out back and hear the V8 rumble and know it's got some stones. I actually had one lady ask me if it was brand new!?! I had another tell me how nice it was, then proceed to ask me if it was a Nissan Sentra. :ack:
  12. lol... Yeah, never expected that, but it's true. I'm going to completely debadge mine, and I already get that from the younger crowd... "Whoa, what is that thing?" "A mustang?! No way!" ROFL
  13. i think that fox body mustangs are worth something. mint low mileage or specialty fox body mustangs are starting to hold value due to kids and teenagers growing up and wanting to purchase what they could not afford back then. yes they were mass produce but they are starting to become less and less because of the ones that have been disposed off. i think eventually they may bring quite a bit of money but that wont be for quit sometime. you cant expect collector from today to have have any kind of love for these cars because look at what they collect, cars from their time era. but as we get older (sucks) those of us with money will st the market for the value of a fox body and that's when the value will rise. right know if you have one and can get a profit out of it then sell it, if not just drive and enjoy the thing.:nice::cheers:
  14. Funny how the people defending Fox Mustangs, all own Fox Mustangs. Imagine that...

    I recently acquired a '87 Florida Highway Patrol SSP and although I will concede that the car has had a VERY rough past through no fault of it's own, I still have to say I am the least impressed with this generation of Mustang. Other than my '66 hardtop and my '08 Bullitt, I have also owned 2 SN cars(a '95 GT 'vert, and an '01 3.8). The build quality on the '87 is absolutely horrible when compared to all of my other cars, the '66 included. If you like factory pop-rivets and doors that make a healthy rattle when closed, the fox is your car. To make things worse, the reproduction parts are pricier for Fox cars than they are for the classics.

    It's still an enjoyable car to wrench on, and I personally like the looks of Fox Mustangs. But I just feel like Fox owners are collectively in strong denial about the rankings of their cars. As someone who's always admired the looks of the Fox cars, I have noted it seems to be the least liked by people outside of our hobby. I've heard them referred to as "ugly boxy 80's Mustangs" to "k-car looking Mustangs." Granted I was in 3rd grade when the SN95 debuted, so Foxes were just old used cars when my class started getting their licenses. I don't see these cars overtaking classics in becoming the "most sought after Mustangs" for the above reasons.

    As stated, they're "sought after" because they're cheap performance cars. They're easy to wrench on, and the motors are still cheaper to replace than mod motors. But just watch the classifieds on Corral. A sub $5k Fox will sell in days, while a $5k-$10k Fox will sit on there for months. With the exception of '93 Cobras, once Foxes get into the 5-figure territory, the buyers seem to look elsewhere(Sn95 Cobras, Bullitts, & Machs). And with good reason, IMO.

    Not bashing Fox-bodies. Like I said, I like the looks of them(especially Notches with 5-lug swaps on SN95 wheels :drool: ). But I just feel that a reality check is in order. If you're looking at a Fox as an investment then look for a clean stock example that can be bought cheap to stay stock. But don't trick yourself into thinking they will go the way of the Hemi-Cuda, or even a '65-'66 k-code. These cars are still aging, and so are the SN95 cars including Cobras, '01 Bullitts, and Mach I's. Even the first S197 cars will be 10 years old in a couple years, and will surely see somewhat of a price drop in 2014. And anyone with an S197 will vouch that the performance and build-quality of these cars are worlds different than anything Ford was doing in the '80's.

  15. There's no room for logic, or common sense in this thread.....GTFO!!!


  16. Damn, I should've known better. Those are the same things that got me kicked out of the Civic Forums. :jester:
  17. Well, although I do own a Fox Mustang, I'm pretty far from blind when it comes to "defending" them, as you claim. I have a little trouble with your claim that the build quality of the Foxes is worse than your '66. My '68 is a low-mile, garaged-since-new, never wrecked car that I purchased form it's original owner in '01 with 91K on the clock. I think it's safe to say it's a primo car of that vintage. A few years ago I did a top-to-bottom build of everything so it's at least as good as it ever was. I've also owned a pretty nice '65 fastback about 15 years before you were likely born. My '88 GT by comparison has 178K on the odometer, sits outside and is my daily driver rain or shine. It is also a FAR better-built car, the doors are more solid, the hinges work as good as the day I bought it in '91, it doesn't have a spec of rust anywhere, despite all the mechanicals being original to the '88, it stops, steers and goes with no drama. The power seats still work, as do the power windows, A/C, stereo and everything else on the car. All the body panels line up perfectly (it's black) and there is not a rip anywhere in the interior. I love my '68 and I feel lucky to have found such a babied car, but I'm not ignorant to the fact they were built as quickly and cheaply as possible and the fit and finish of every single part reflects that. Like I said, I own both and without hesitation I can say that the Fox is a MUCH better-built car.
  18. I don't think you are as unbiased as you think. Just the fact that you seem to be taking my statement personally raises a small alarm. I was simply commenting on my observation that a thread in the "Classic Talk" forum seemed to draw in the Fox body owners into the forum just to praise their cars. All of the posts seemed highly optimistic to me, and I didn't really see one post that I thought was brutally honest(other than those made by the non-Fox owners).
    If the OP wanted a bunch of blind statements from Foxs owners about how awesome Fox Bodies are, I'm sure he could've found his way to the 5.0 forum. But since you think my post was directed at you, simply because you own a fox and haven't been able to say one negative thing about Fox Body cars, then be my guest. I guess you'll fit in with those guys.

    So since you're making this so personal, I have to ask. Why would it matter if you did own a '65 Mustang 15 years before I was born? Our ages have nothing to do with this topic. If your aim is to discredit me, then you're probably better off coming to my house and stealing my '87 SSP so I can no longer claim to be a Fox Body owner.

    Funny that I was able to go on an SSP Mustang forum and say something about not being impressed by Fox Bodies because of the poor build quality. Then no one questioned my age, or compared it to theirs. No one even really disputed my claim. One SSP owner, who owns several Foxes, even said his observation was that pre-'86 cars seemed to be built with better tolerances, probably due to the stampings getting worn in the later years. It's a theory. But whether he's right or wrong, the important thing is that he (nor anyone else on that forum)didn't take it personal just because he owned a Fox. I'm starting to realize why these forums are so slow compared to back in the day.

    The other reason I think you're somewhat biased is that you've admitted you're tempted to sell your '68. I don't know what issues you have with your '68, whether it's buyers/builders remorse, or whatever. But the fact that you're thinking about selling it, but have so much praise for your '88(which you've managed to hold onto since '91) DOES show a bias.