Where is Power Window Relay Located?

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  1. 89 vert, I do not know where the power window relay is nor do I know what it looks like. Thank you
  2. gcw,
    I might be off on the terminology about what you are looking for, but there is a power window breaker mounted up on the rear stud of the starter solenoid. The rectangular silver box mounted on the rear stud in the engine compartment controls the power to the windows on convertibles.
    Without knowing the problem you are having limits the help, but wanted to make sure you were aware of that breaker up there.
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  3. Thanks Ken,
    Yes, there is a circuit breaker mounted off the started solenoid (which was never on my car by the way.. I guess I'll have to wire one on). I am backtracking from the window and before you get to the circuit breaker on the solenoid there should be a p/w safety relay somewhere.

    My problem is that none of my windows work at all, I have juice to the fusebox for the power windows. I have no juice going into the motor. You would think that if it was just the switch that just one window wouldnt work, so I ruled the switch out. It's driving me crazy :bang:
  4. The Power Window Safety Relay should be behind the driver's side kick panel.
  5. thanks man, do you know what it looks like or how many wires go in/out to it?
  6. Should look pretty much like any other relay like the horn or fuel pump relay. I believe it is the only relay back behind the panel and is located above where the wiring harness comes out. It will have five wires LB/BK, BK/W (2), BK, and PK.
  7. Saleen0679, I wasn't aware of a safety relay. Do you know what it does exactly? I always thought the plastic window motor bushings and the CB were the safety features. :lol:
  8. The CB in the motor will protect the motor, but the CB in the fusebox on the 2 & 3 door protects the circuit outside of the motor. Probably in case of a wiring short or a catastrophic motor failure.

    The Power Window Safety Relay is only used on the vert. The circuit has made use of the inline breaker at the starter relay in addition to the one used in the fuse box and added an additional relay.

    I posted the convertible PW schematic back in this thread.

  9. As always, outstanding info sir. :hail2:
    Thank you.
  10. ok, I think I found it. It looks like a little square black box, it says FORD 89 03 14 B on it, and it is detachable from one plug?(it looks exactly like the convertible top relays in the back). If that is it I dont think I am getting any power to it. I unplugged the "what I think is the p/w relay" and put my volt meter inside the plug and got nothing. Also, there were 5 wires going into it.
  11. According to my info there should only be one relay back there so that is probably it. It should have five wires like you mentioned. I didn't count the BK/W split the last time. There should be PK, BK, BK/W (2), LB/BK. The PK wire should be hot in Run or Acc. and the BK/W wire should be hot all the time.
  12. ok I just went back out. The thing that I thought was the relay before is not what I found now. I think I found it and I got juice in the pink wire going in and out of the p/w safety relay. I have no juice in the b/w wire that is suppose to be coming from my solenoid. Since I don't have a circuit breaker on my solenoid do you think I need to go to a JY and get one and splice it into the b/w wire going into my p/w safety relay?? Thanks salleen
    EDIT: The thing that confuses me is that there is a pink going in and going out. I just traced the pink wire going out and it is not connected to anything, the guy who had the car before me must of twisted the wires together and put tape over it. Where does this pink wire go to?
  13. I only see one PK wire going to the relay socket. See the schematic at http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=715792.

    If you don't have the ckt. breaker I would grab one from the jy or parts store and wire it in. You can temporarily hook the BK/W wire up to 12v and see if that fixes the problem.
  14. THEY WORK!! In an earlier post I said the other end of the pink wire was just hanging there... I found the other end and touched them together and the windows worked.. The d-bag that owned the car before me twisted the wires together and put electical tape over it:notnice: .. But anyway, thanks a lot for your help saleen:nice:
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    Great job, Saleen0679!