where to get 3" tailpipes?

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  1. well i am interested in them but i dont know where to find them i want something nice like a stainless or chromed ...but is it a full 3" or just tips?? i kinda think the 2.5 are on the small side:( i just dont want to look like a ricer with a 5" exhaust
  2. 3" - 3.5" is a good size. I personally wouldn't go bigger. I recall looking for these before, and I did manage to find just the tailpipes from the rear muffler flange-back. IIRC it was either on the Jeggs or Summit site, and they were either Mac or Flowmaster tailpipes. They weren't exactly cheap though. You can always get a muffler shop to weld-on some chrome tips onto your existing pipes for rather low cost, Aaron did something like that on his car.
  3. i had 3" stainless tips on mine. total price was something like $60 or so welded on. thinking they were 18" long or so...you couldnt tell they were just tips unless you crawled under the car. at one time i had 3.5" tips, those looked too big imo.

    edit- i got mine at my local muffler shop. i think they were $25 each for the 3" stainless...and $10 to weld them on. don't get the ones you find at autozone/advance because they suck, and they are clamp on. get ones that weld on!
  4. i was auctually looking for full 3" i dont really care for the look of tips a guy down the road has a 95 w/ 3.5 and i think it looks really bad lol.....he has the 4x4 stance though and i will be putting on sportlines in the spring....so that would hide the tips but it would still bother me because i know what it is lol
  5. ahh gotcha. well as someone already said, i'm pretty sure mac has some 3" tailpipes? don't know a price though...
  6. the kit i ordered has the stainless 2.5" :nice: i was just noticeing everyone saying that 3" looked better and i got concerened that mine would be to small..but i guess there is no sense in scraping brand new 2.5" stainless i will throw them on and if im unhappy i will go from there...