Where to plumb a BOV

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  1. I'm wondering, where is the IDEAL place to put the BOV in an intake system with an IC? as close as possible to the TB? or as close as possible to the turbo? now's the time for the technical answers!! ;)

    My situation: Its a '75 MII. Total custom job, but fun. I've installed a volvo IC and am using mostly volvo aluminum and reinforced rubber ducting. I've already rotated the upper intake manifold 90deg so it comes out right over the alternator (which is lower on a '75 than on the FOX bodies). Im also planning on using the volvo bypass valve as a BOV for the mean time to save some cash. (any problems with this, or should i look into plumbing it back into the vam duct) I will be eventualy getting an EVO BOV because from what I hear those are the "best".

    thanks guys! :banana:
  2. its actually not that big of a deal, but id say near the TB, id assume you want all the force of the air to move it through the IC, that and all the settups ive seen were after the IC before the TB
  3. just wonderin cause im designing the tubing right now so i can put it anywhere i like... i had seen both stinger's and turbobob's setups this way, but i wanted to be sure. i'll figure that in now, thanks.
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  4. teenstang sold out and went 4.6? well.....i guess since itsa 96 he went to fords Next production under-dog ...right after the 2.3 and v6 ;O) time for a PI swap to get that fancy bucket moving eh? :nice:

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