Which Rocker Arms Do I Have?

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  1. I am in the process of putting my 351w back together and i do not know if i need to bolt the rocker arms down in a special way. I do not think my heads are stop lock anymore but i do not know. If not do i adjust for valve lash or find tdc on each cyclinder and torque down. This is my first engine so all help is appreciated. The rocker arm has a bolt no stud as picutred

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  2. you have what are known as pedestal mount rockers. you just install the rockers and the pedestals and torque the bolts to spec. its that simple.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Does each piston need to be tdc or can i torque em where they are.
  4. yes, each needs to be at tdc when tightening properly
  5. torque them where they are, its all the same in this case. if the arms were adjustable, then i would say set each cylinder at tdc before adjusting the arms.
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  6. rbhom is 100% correct. Stamped steel stock rockers just crank down until they bottom out on the shoulder of the nut.

    Aftermarket rockers require each individual rocker to be set while on the base circle of the camshaft (valve at it's most closed position). In which case you tighten them down to approx. 18-22lbs at zero lash. Shims may be required to attain the proper setting in that case.
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  7. well done, I missed that detail
  8. actually roller rockers are not that much different either when talking about pedestal mounts. the procedure listed is a left over from adjustable rocker arms from years ago. they even mention doing that procedure with positive stop rocker studs as well, but again all that needs to happen with those is you just bolt down the rocker arms nuts until they bottom out on the stud shoulder.