35th Anniv White Convertible 35Th production Info

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by stangs5088, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys... I'm interested in selling my 35th. Can you guys give me any production Info and what you think it could be worth these days...

    I believe there weren't too many white convertibles built... would you know how many?

    100,700 miles
    White with black top
    All stock minus SLP 1 mufflers and K&N (have stock stuff)



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  2. Vin number: 1fafp45xxxF176814
  3. Your GT is # 2125 of 4,628 according to VIN# There were 515 white "Limited Edition" GT's built in 1999. About half of that are 'verts.
    With mileage, condition, etc. your probably in the $9,500 range. depending on area and etc.

    BTW, where's your hood stripe?

  4. Jason,

    Thanks for the info.

    I actually sold the car saturday for 5K.

    The car needed a little interior work and some odds and ends to be a perfect 35th. Like the missing decal (I think it was removed due to cracking in the FL sun). Also the door panels and inserts were beat up and I repalced them with a nice set of regular GT panels. I still have the door panels and inserts, I was going to post them here.

    It was sad to see it go, but space is limited for my Oxford white 86 SVO and 85 red GT convert:nice:

  5. I guess with the interior beat up so much, 5K was reasonable. Post some pics of the SVO and 85 GT...would love to see 'em I'm a huge fan of mid 80's Mustangs(I was 14 yrs old in 85, so they are the ones I drooled over.)

  6. I was 13 in '63 . . . of course my dream car was a '63 split-window 'vette . . . no way can I afford one now (base price in '63 was $4K!:cry:) so i have an LE!
  7. White 35th anniv cpe. owner here! Have had mine since new, Weekend drag raced it for awhile. Now wifey claims it as her summer daily driver. Mine has 78.666 miles on it.
  8. I have a Black convertible with the 35th Anniversary package. Excellent condition with only 26,500 miles on it. I am the original owner and no one has ever smoke in the car. Any idea what would be a fair price to sell it for?

    I just put in order for a 2011 GT convertible (geez what a difference 11 years make - both in performance and technology and the increase in price)! Still, one hell of a drive (from what I read).