Who wants their car on a poster?!?!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I originally started a thread like this in the foxbody section to see if anyone would be interested in having their car on a poster. I am attempting to start a website that sells a lot of hard to find posters. Below is the post I made in the Foxbody forum but all the info is relevant.

    After spending far too much time looking for the perfect foxbody mustang poster I realized that the selection was very limited... I was really wishing there was a company that sold posters for people like me looking for cars that are not necessarily the new edge mustangs/cars that are easy to find on posters. I have decided I am going to build a website where you could buy such posters. I am working on making a deal with a local print shop so I could figure out what my costs will be. In the mean time I am looking for members with show quality cars that have "poster quality photos"... By poster quality photos I am looking for pictures preferably taken by professionals but that is way too much to ask. I am expecting photos taken with a high quality camera on a somewhat scenic background. (not in front of your house) I am interested in action or rolling shots as well as still photos and photos with multiple cars. Looking for all hard to find Mustangs.

    As of right now I am not in a position to pay for these but I hope to reach that point someday. For now I can offer one of these posters at my cost shipped to you if I use your car and the nostalgia of having your car on a poster in another mustang enthusiasts home. The only reason I would not use your car is if there is a visual defect I cannot fix or your photo is not of high enough quality to use. (remember these photos will be blown up to 24in x 36in) It is my belief that there are not enough posters/memorabilia for these cars and everyone likes something a little different, so all cars that meet the criteria (i will review at the bottom) should be used.

    Finally, a lot of you are going to try to suggest I just go through the nicest foxes thread and get pictures from there. The problem with this is in order to have these printed I NEED rights to the photos I use. So you may only post pictures of your personal car, or a friends car with their permission. Now on to the qualifying criteria.

    The car in the photograph must be your own or you must have the rights to the photograph. so you may use a photo of a friend or relatives car with their permission.

    The photo may be of one car, or multiple cars, moving or stationary, running or not running, close ups or from far away, or anything else you may think of. I am open to anything.

    Photos should have some sort of artistic or scenic background. A lot of you have pictures on the street or from parking garages, which is fine and probably what I am looking for. I am not looking for pictures taken in your garage or driveway unless it would work on a poster... (some of you have beautiful garages as well as cars and if you can make it work I have nothing against it)

    Photos need to be blown up to standard poster size of 24in x 36in. which is 10800x7200. I do not expect anyone on here to have a picture of that quality but most 10mp cameras take photos at roughly 4000 px width (roughly 15 inches) which is what I am looking for.

    You can submit as much or as little information as you like. I will include whatever you like on the website and possibly shipped with the poster. I would like to know the year of the car and any other information that will help me classify it but if you would like to submit your name, your cars name if it has one, and a bio or information on the car that would be fine. You deserve to be proud of the cars you submit and Im sure customers would like to know a little about the car if they love it enough to buy a poster of it.

    I know it sucks that I do not have the ability to pay any money for these photos. To get this up and running will take a lot of time and money. I will not be offended if you want to be paid for you photos nor could I blame you. Some posters will sell more than others and when this happens I would like to pay the person who owns the car. I cannot pay per photo however.

    I have been on stangnet for a little while now. I have met a few of you, and a lot of you have helped me with my car at some point or another. I have a background in website development and feel like I have a good idea that a lot of you will appreciate. If you have a photo you would like to submit please let me know and we can work something out. I appreciate those of you who have read all of this and would like to contribute to my idea. Thanks!

    tl;dr; I am looking for members with cars that could be made into posters. Foxbody Mustang posters are incredibly hard to find and I would like to make it easier.