Whos good with computers? I need help desperatly!!! PLEASE/

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  1. I was browsing my car forums when gAyOL disconnected. Then I tried to connect again (56k) and it took forever to start and then stopped responding. I then shut my computer off and tried to restart and now it comes up"sorry for the inconvenience but windows was not started properly, it may be because of new soft/hard ware. Then it gives you the options to start windows normally, safe mode or last way it worked. No matter what I try it wont start up, just continually starts over again saying something doesnt work. Can anyone help me? I need to be making a video right now for my senior project and I cant start my computer right now. What can i do to fix it?

    P.S im on my laptop right now.
  2. What version of windows?

    You could try removing the modem and then try to boot up.
  3. XP, what does the modem have to do with it?
  4. You said it disconnected you from the internet(56K), then wouldn't boot up after that, therfore the modem could have a problem.

    Do you have your XP cd? Also is it Home or Pro?
  5. Its home and im trying to boot from CD now but nothing is happening. Im guessing I have to open up my case to disconnect the modemm, or just unplug it from the ohone jack?
  6. Yes you have to open the computer to remove the modem.

    Do you have an administrator password set up? If not, the recovery console is worthless on XP Home unless you disable the login, but you need to be in windows to disable it :rolleyes:

    To boot from the cd you need to change the boot order in the BIOS setup. Usually this is F10, F2, or DEL right after the computers beeps when first powering on.
  7. Once you boot from the cd, press enter on the first menu to install windows, then press "R" to start the reinstall/recovery process. You will not lose any data/documents/programs doing this as long as you dont format the drive.
  8. I switched the booting sequence around to boot from cd but then when you try it says something didnt work press f1 to try againn or f2 to change.

    ** I will paypal someon $10 if you can fix this for me**
  9. What does it say didn't work? Try the cd in your laptop to see if it works. Or if you have 2 drives in your desktop, try the cd in the 2nd drive.
  10. Ok I got it to work. I hit R to go to repair and then it went to a screen thatthe recovery was the recovery console and said c:\ and then i typed exit because i didnt know what to do.
  11. go back into the recovery console and type in "chkdsk /p". When that finishes try booting again.
  12. Ok I did that and it just finished. It said 1 or more errors found on disk when it finished. Im gonna try to reboot now, deo oyu have AIM?
  13. OH MY GOD!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You dont even know what you saved me with my school and everything!!! Seriously bro, you ARE THE BEST! Whats your email so I can paypal you some money or something!! Want any stock parts?? What can I do for you now>??? This is awesome, i went on techforums and aol tech chat rooms and they were like your probably gonna have to format and loose all your data. Who woulda thought that Stangnet also is a computer forum too!! I want give for a couple bucks and buy some stangnet shirts or something just to help repay you for the money I have saved by doing stuff myself with the help of you guys. THANK YOU X 102093493493432!!!!
  14. those guys on the computer forums are dumbasses anyways.
  15. so true, so very very true!!!
  16. Ok Kevin, I know what to do to help you out.... PM me! :D

    SOrry I was late on here...glad it worked out.
  17. Hey man, glad I can help! :flag: Don't worry about the paying me, but what kind of parts do you have? :D I need a stock lifter if you have any old ones laying around...I also need a Pro-M 80+mm MAF for 42# injectors if anyone can tell me where I can find one.

    Oh yeah, no AIM here...gAyOL sucks :nice:
  18. BTW, your hard drive might be going bad. You'll be ok for a while, but if this starts to happen frequently you should replace it. You should back up any important data when you get a chance.

    Or this could just be a random one-time problem and your hard drive is fine. :) I would still back up anything important just in case...
  19. That was the first thing I did when I started it back up. I burned all my videos/files/pictures right away so next time this happens I dont get the urge to throw my whole desktop into my pool. Thanks again!