Why Is There Always Something Wrong?

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  1. Why does some $hit like this always happen? I just ran a new power wire with fuse and everything in my car. The sub is a Kicker S12L7, the amp is a MA Audio Hard Kore amp with 1000 watt RMS and the deck is a 45x4 watt panisonic. I hooked it up all tonight, and it sounds great!

    Now for the $hitty part: when I turned my headlights on to take it for a spin, and to see if my headlights would dim, low and behold the whole system cuts off. The deck cuts off, the amp, and the sub. Well now that I think about it, without the deck being on, the rest won't be on. Right?

    Is there anyone who has heard/experieced this before? Even when the switch goes to parking lights, the system cuts off. I don't know if the deck cuts off when i turn the lights on without the system, but I know it does now.

    Damn it.

    Please help a friend in need.....:rolleyes:
  2. first,was the car running???What is your battery voltage??If you were playing the stereo with the car ff for a while,the bass will kill the battery pretty quick,that why i run 2 batteries in whatever i have,even my Sea Doo.

    give me more info
  3. Yeah the car was running, I had the car revved up to about 1500 RPM just to be safe. I don't know what voltage was. I do know that the battery ran dead last night, and while I was hooking everything up today. I had the hatch and doors open while routing the power wire.

    The stero just cut off as soon as I pushed the switch for my headlights.

    I have no clue why...
  4. It sounds like your battery isnt charged enough. I had the same thing happen to me. My battery had a slow drain it it from having my autometer guages hooked into a fuse that wasn't ignition only. One day my car wouldn't turn over due to not having enough battery voltage. So I just sat in the car and listened to some music for a bit. Well the next time I went to listen to music if I turned the music up too loud it would shut off, then come back on. If I didn't turn it down it would keep doing this. Then I decided to turn the headlights on and it would shut the stereo off just like yours is doing. I didn't even think about the battery being the issue. I started tracing wires to try and find bad connections, grounds, etc. With no luck. I finally had the battery tested and the battery was toast due to being discharged so much. Put a new battery in and problem solved. Sounds like you may have drained yours a little too much, and with your amp and subs hooked up, they take too much juice from the system and they cut out. Try charging your battery, or drive around and charge it but leave your stereo turned off. See if that works. Or possibly it's time for a new battery?
  5. Will do, sounds like a good plan. The only thing is that my batter is is pretty new, 4 months old, and I haven't driven it but 4 times in that time period. My auto tech teacher said it might be my alt. not being able to keep up.
  6. Doesn't sound like a battery problem then if it's only 4 months old. Could be your alt. not holding up. What size is your alternator? I see you have a 90 stang but have a 351 swap in it. From what you described tho, it sounds exactly like the problem I had. Except your issue may be the alt. being too small rather than my problem of a drained battery. Had the charging system tested and see if the alt. is keeping up. If not, swap a new alt. in there that puts out more amps and you should be good to go!