Will an AOD from a 5.0 bolt up to a 2.3

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by voodoo, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. i have found a great deal on a tranny set up. the aod comes will all lines bell housing mounts converter and the shift linkage and the shifter. My car has a A4ld tranny in it now. I need to know if I can use this setup for my car. The guy is selling this tranny set up for 200 bucks
  2. I don't think so. As far as I know, the only other automatic that'll work is the C4, and you'll have to get the bellhousing from a Pinto.
  3. the AOD doesn't have a bellhousing that will unbolt.
    The C4 and the a4ld do but you have to do a pretty extensive swap.
    A good upgrade is an a4ld for your car but with explorer internals. Eventually it'll break too though. C4 or 5spd the the strongest two options, you could build a C4 to take more than a 2.3 will ever put out.

    By the way I have the bellhousings for the C4 for sale :nice: