will GT hood and hardware fit on cylinder mustang

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  1. hello,

    i am replacing my daughter's hood on her 2000 Mustang (6 cyl) car.

    while talking to the parts yard - they mentioned that they had a hood from a GT with a scoop. the price is more - but i was thinking that this might be nice to put on her car.

    will the hood and hardware from the 2000 GT fit without issues on my 2000 cylinder Mustang?

  2. yes - there should be no hardware needed, swap everything over from the V6 car unless they are giving it to you for free. the fenders, aprons, front radiator support, latch and hinges assembles are all installed on the vehicles prior to the point where V6, GT, and Cobra depart from one another.

  3. great!

    thank you very much for the fast reply

  4. The only 2000 GT hood with the scoop was the 2000 Spring Edition, otherwise the GT had the same hood as the V6 in 2000

    The 2001 GT had the scoop on all GT's.

    Basically, it's the same hood as the V6 with the scoop added. How much more are they asking for the GT hood because a popular mod was to buy the scoop alone, paint it and install it. If it's a $100-200 difference for the scooped hood, i'd just buy it. But if they are asking $700-800 or more for it then I'd just install a scoop on a V6 hood myself
  5. cost delta is 75.00

  6. Then it's a no brainer. Enjoy the new hood