will i feel the difference

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  1. i went on ebay to look for stuff for my car and found 3.73 gears for 75$, when i put these on will i really notice the power change. and i was going to have my uncle (mechanic) put them on, is there anything else i need to buy to install them?
  2. um can you show a link?
  3. Get the gears new - or don't get them at all!!!

    install kit - master gear set.
    T-Lok - worth the $ to get both tires spinning.
    Axle seals - night as well since the axles get popped out anyway.
    oil and FORD friction modifier.

    And yes, you will feel the difference if it is a stick. :nice:
  4. well... isnt it recomended to only get the "Ford Racing" stuff, although other brands couldnt be too bad, or... they wouldnt sell them?
  5. Auburn and Eaton posi's are nice as well. Yukon makes some decent stuff too.

    When I picked up what I did, cost was a factor as well as quality. Eaton is the best posi out there, but you will pay a butt load for it. All depends what you want to do with the stuff, ya know?
  6. only get 3.73's if you have a stick, get 4.10's if you have an auto
  7. They are a great upgrade from stock! It will feel like a new car! I'd get new gears though. Used is really questionable.