Will This work..??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Harddkyss, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Hello, Just have a Quick question, will a 351 Flywheel fit a 302 Crank (Need it for the 28oz balance for 347 Stroker Motor) and if so, is the Clutch mating surface the same size.
  2. *Bump* Anyone...??
  3. i do believe it will...i was planning on doing this, most conversion kits only mention a flywheel, and not a crank. so i would assume the crank will work with the 351 flywheel.
  4. sorry, i think the clutch will to. i would call like spec and ask them about this stuff, they should know for sure...#:1-800-828-4379 (tech)205-491-8581
  5. Yea I'm like you, "Pretty sure it will" but not 100% absolutley sure, I've heard it would to...ok, Thanx for the Number...!!!