Wind + Convertible Top

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  1. Heya, new mustang owner here :)

    Quick question, and yes, I tried a search first :)

    Is there any danger of roof damage to my convertible top at high speed? And no, I'm not someone who flies around at 100+ mph, but its just something I've been curious about. I notice if I open a window on the highway, the rear window starts jiggling around. Obviously I wouldn't have a window open if I was going pretty fast, but even with the windows closed I wasn't sure if there was a way for the wind to catch something and do damage.

    Yes, I'm a noob :) I'll get better with time, promise.
  2. the only time I have seen a top damaged by the winf is of the front seal goes, that is what causes some tops to look like a balloon on the freway
  3. Ok, thanks. I just heard a few stories about tops being damaged at higher speeds, and wanted to double check here.
  4. he speaks the truth.......just if you're gonna go fast, keep the windows up if the top is up. I've noticed that there is a lot of turbulence inside and causes the top and rear window to flap a lot......not to the point that it's a danger, just an annoyance
  5. Yeah I already noticed the rear window flappin around doing only around 60.

    I don't plan on going all that fast very often, but Im sure the times will come when I get tempted to open up :)
  6. I run the interstate back and forth from college back home, about 100 miles on it, and I open it up commonly (with my radar detector working overtime lol). About half the time the top is up, and I've never had a problem with it. I've noticed that the back window flaps a lot, but hell i figure i have a warranty to cover it if it flies out...although if im going to have the windows down i usually just put the top down. Just don't be a dumbass and override the parking brake saftey on your top friend did that and one night he was drunk, driving (even though i've told him a million times id give him a ride if hed call me) but he was driving back to his apartment, going about 65 or more probably, unhitched the top with his friends, lowered it, the wind caught the top and spun the car 4 or 5 times, totaled it up against a soundwall. thank god nobody was hurt is all i have to say...OTHER THAN I havent had any problems.