Window Cleaner

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  1. What glass cleaner do you guys use? I'm really tired of streaky windows. Thanks.
  2. I use "Invisible Glass" with crinkled news paper. It works really well.
  3. Rceomended for any tinted filmed windows because of it's lack of ammonia i think. It works well too evaporates fast so steaks disappear
  4. cool, ill give it a try. thanks :SNSign:
  5. ditto on the Stoners.
  6. Stoners here and a plush microfiber towel....
  7. I also use stoners.
  8. I got a thing of Eagle One, but it is crap. I think next time I'll try the Stoners/
  9. Invisible Glass and a microfiber
  10. Mothers Glass Cleaner is also ammoinia-free, and safe for window tint.

    It's one of the best glass cleaners I've used -- easy, streak-free results. I usually use one damp cloth for "cleaning" and another cloth for drying using a light buffing action.

    Microfiber works okay with this, but I prefer plush cotton terry for my glass cleaning.
  11. Forget about all the other products, the cheapest and BEST I just recently discovered. My wife works for Zales jewelers and for cleaning the glass cases they use Isopropyl Alcohol. You can get a 32oz bottle of it for about a buck at any store like Wal-Mart or something like that.

    Streak free shine everytime! I even use it on my chrome wheels.

    Give it a shot. :)