Windshield washer tubing

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by tomcatgt, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Can someone tell me where the hoses that go to the windshield washer jets are supposed to be located . Do they lay on to of the cowl underneath the hood or do the run under the lip of the cowling?
  2. It would be useful if you stated the year of your car first... then someone would be able to tell you exactly where to lay the lines...
  3. Well my 69 and my 76 both have the lines on the outside of the cowl under the hood just running along the lip but it could possibly be different for models earlier, but highly unlikely... :shrug:
  4. same Q - routing for 69 washer tubing

    I have the same question - where does the tubing route for teh 1969? I have it figured out from teh jets to the plastic T - it lays in the cowl groove under the hood.

    1. Where does the T screw down? with one of the cowl screws?

    2. I have a copper u bracket, that is slotted on one side. I forget where this screws down, maybe the same place as the T?

    3. how does the tubing route from the T all the way to the washer reservior? I think all the tubing has either rotted or fallen off?

    I also emailed you the same question, but if you could, could you send me or post a picture of what the setup for the hoses looks like?