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  1. Hey, I'm about to buy some Blizzak winter tires. Right now I have 215/60/15's. But my options are limited for sizes. I could go with the stock size of 205-65-15. How would those look? Otherwise I was thinking that 215/60/15 or 225/60/15. What size would look best? Thanks guys
  2. Yeah, I know about where I can get them. I'm asking what size would look best. Thanks
  3. Apparently, after thanksgiving, we decided something interesting for my winter plan. My brother came home (from college) with his 2001 GT Conv., and he needed snow tires on the rims that were on his car (which were my rims, they were just aftermarket, instead of OEM) which had summer tires on them, so in order to cut costs and make everyone happy, i gave him the rims that were on my car (01' GT premium Anthracite Bullitts, wrapped in semper-it snow tires) and he gave me back my rims with the sport tires on it. So, now our plan for winter is I get to drive my car on days where the roads 'arent bad' and when they are bad (the days we should'nt be going to school anyway because 2-3 people always end up getting into accidents) i will be taking our "Champagne" (silverish gold) Chrysler Sebring convertible. ('all season tires', and im willing to take it out on the CT winter roads, even without the little mountain-snow-flake thing)
  4. Just go with the 225-60-15 as they are stock size.

    There's virtually no difference between the two...


    Stock tires Sides- 5.3" Radius- 12.8" Diam- 25.6"
    New tires Sides- 5.1" Radius 12.6" Diamter 25.2"

    Diff in speedo - 1.8% too fast.
    When your speedosays 60mph, you will actually be going 58.9 mph.

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  5. Thank you for answering my question. I mean, come on, after seeing two posts that have absolutly nothing to do with answering my question I thought there was no hope. I had to restrain myself from going off on a rant! Thanks!
  6. Sure, no problem - people do that a lot around here.

    You'll love the Blizzaks, I've run them for four years now here in Buffalo and they are life savers!
  7. Oh I know. I had them on my old 89 stang, worked amazing.