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  1. It's getting about that time of year to wax up the fair weather vehicle and put it away until next spring.

    Besides changing the oil and also the supercharger oil and putting it up on blocks in the corner of the garage under a cover, it there anything else recommended to do?

    I know there are quite a few fellow sunny day drivers only out there ;)
  2. westernstar11 - Mine will begin hibernation in a couple weeks. :(

    In addition to your check list:

    Gas Tank
    Remember to fill it FULL and put some "Stabil" in there. Basically, you want it full so no condensation gets on the walls of your tank. Here's a good 101 info link about Stabil if you haven't used it before:
    Stabil Info

    Disconnect and store in basement/indoors.

    Seats - Leather Conditioner
    A think some people over look this, but it can really help with cracking/split leather. Use a good conditioner once it's parked, and it'll help keep those seats soft.

    Think that's 'bout all I've done before. I did throw a few "bounce" fabric softners in the truck and floor of the backseat - just to keep a fresh scent. I would highly suggest not using moth balls. Some use them to keep mice/rodents away, but man . . . your car will smell for weeks after you pull it out. Just my opinion.
  3. nooooo

    noooooo it not over yet!!!! hahaha theres still one more good month...of NO SNOW...

    Is stabalizer really a good idea? I have always just gone to the garage i rent and ran the car for a good 20 minutes to half an hour...in the two or thre months that the roads are covered in salt. I've done it for two winters and had no problems except a real low battery once when I let it sit for more than a months and wasnt running it as long.

    I agree with keeping the tank full in the winter time when its sitting, but not sure about stabalizer. I'm afriad to put any additives in my cars and two-three months doesnt seem like it should effect the gas much.

    What are your opinions on that?
  4. supercharger oil?
  5. what happened to the search feature?

    I remember reading a few months back about changing the supercharger oil every year and someone saying to use a turkey baster to siphon it out... but I cannot seem to find any threads at all related to the supercharger.

    Am I doing something wrong in the search?
  6. ahhh

    I have heard mixed info about that. A mechanic from a local performance shop said that you should change it if you race all the time and are running the blower hard. 2.80 pulley over spinning it. He changed mine put synthetic in and said that it wont need to be changed for a long time. I have a feeling Ill be wearing out the blower before the oil needs to be changed.

    If was that important I would have to believe that Ford would call for it.

    oh and i just realized some of you are from MI so I guess its a bit more important to winterize up there! I used to live there in Brighton and it was freaking cold heheh