Wire tuck...advice, tips, possible write ups?

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  1. Just like the title says. I finally found a clean body to swap my GT into and want to do a wire tuck and bay clean up. I've been looking over Adams Vert build and it's proving to be useful, just looking for anything else before I get serious into it.
  2. actually it all starts to really make sense once you tear in to it

  3. /\ This
    Once you start pulling crap out and seeing all the harnesses youll see what has to be done. It also depends on how much of the original harnesses your going to actually keep. I deleted so many things that half the harnesses went into the garbage lol
  4. Thanks all!! I'll definitely be referring anything I can to ease it. I want to delete as much as I can. I guess I'm just making myself more paranoid than I should lol
  5. just label everything as your pulling if off. especially if you're re-doing the wire loom. otherwise, just start tearing into it.
  6. Once I took my front fenders off it became pretty easy to put everything in there. Only thing I had to extend was the side marker wires (soldered like 6 inches of wire in). I didn't put the main box (by the battery) inside the fender but it does fit.
  7. I did this not long ago, still havent hid the injector harness thats coming this week. But its really easy much easier than it sounds.

  8. How would you have hid something you don't have yet? :rolleyes:
  9. lol Allow me to restate that. I still haven't hid the injector harness. I'm going to hide it this week while I have the engine out of the car. Not everything I type makes sense after i type it, but it all sounds good in my head. ;)

    The only thing I had any trouble with was exactly how to place the fuse box, but it worked out well, after i looked at it for half a hour.
  10. did my injector harness a while back too
  11. It really cleans up the engine bay to do this and was easier than I thought it would be.
  12. Before picture with supercharger and spaghetti wires. Can't even see the firewall.

    After with much of the wires tucked. Like I said earlier I should've put the main box in the fender but didn't. You can see the firewall now.