wire tuck?? pics??

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  1. im trying to do a wire tuck on my 93.. now i have the A/C on it but ive seen really clean tuck jobs on cars that have everything but just hidding witch im looking for... any ideas on where to start or maybe how to start.. what i need or dont??? maybe post sum pics of your tuck job:D?? i found this pic on google very clean! but just showng how he gots the A/C and all his lines would love for my car to look like that:nice:
  2. I have done a few tucks and smoothing of engine bays,and i guess it really depends on what you wanna delete,hide,and not use.Here are a few pics of mine this is my current car

    Here is my 1st car i did my old coupe

    Heres a pic of my buddies car i helped alot with

  3. those really good! looking to do the tuck for atlease the wires that are by the battery, all those wires coming from the selonoid? vac lines by the brake booster? and behind the intake manifold? ive high lighted the pic below on what i was trying to do
  4. I would do a search on here. There are quite a few threads and photos. I know there are quite a few showing under the driver fender well where they put the solenoid. Since the battery is relocated to the trunk it isnt hard to do. I just get worried about the wires from the firewall hanging on top of the engine.

    Is that Almostdone car is those photos???
  5. oops, ALMOST STOCK is what I meant LOL. sorry
  6. I should definitely get around to tucking my bay. Looks like a clump of ****. :rolleyes:
  7. Looks awesome ALMOST STOCK.... wish I was closer to CA for the next time you got in a "helping" mood LOL
  8. id drive to cali lol.

    i like tucked bays, i just dont want to do any shaving. especially since im not too worried about showing off the bay anyway.