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  1. Ok i have a 1995 ford mustang V6 and it starting to do something wired. Sometime when i get in the car and i go to the start, it pretends i have a died battery. If i wait like a couple of minutes, about 5 or 10, it will start up fine. I had the battery and the alternator checked and they all passed, so what could it be? I have nothing left on after the car is off and the only thing i have is my alarm system. I dont think a flashing light could cause it cuz if that's true then it would be doing it all the time, just not ever once in awhile.

    Anyone know what im talking about? Anyone know any solutions to this?

  2. the starter is on its way out ..... it just click then if u keep turning it on then off it turn over at some point ,but one day it will pack up all togeather ... time to get a new one or a good seconhand one ...
  3. the starter is new, got it last year. what happen is that it will pretend i have a died battery and i will have no power for anything
  4. bad earth on the car front subframe ?
    on my 98 mustang there a earth that bolts near the starter motor maybe worth checking ... ... just a few idea for you ...cant be much more help other then that sorry .
  5. yea i will check it, thanks. i dont know what it could be if that's not it. its just wired. it doesnt do it all the time, just every once in awhile
  6. If your lights and stereo work normally, but as soon as you hit the starter everything dies- that is an indication of a battery cable that is just barely making contact. Try cleaning both battery cable clamps and the battery terminals.
  7. ok thanks, is it hard to replace the battery cables if then need to replaced?

    any other ideas of what it could be of thats not it?
  8. it's the connection that goest to your positive. tighten the bolts that hold the copper to the connection. this should solve the problem, it happened to my 95 convertible.
  9. could the alarm have something to do with it? it didnt do this before i had the alarm
  10. update

    ok so i just noticed if i close my driver's side door and turn the key at the same time when it does the stupid thing, something makes it go when i do those things. so what could that possibly mean now?
  11. Closing the door is probably jostling a loose connection and making it work again. Check both ends of your battery and starter cables.
  12. also if it didnt do this before u had the alarm fitted maybe it be worth ringing the people who fitted it and have them recheck there work .... just a thought .can disconnect the alarm to try it ?. just a suggestion as it seems your starting to run round in rings atm with it ..
  13. hmm.. when this happens, is your dome light working? Or anything else? Or is there suddenly no power to everything ? First, check all the ground cables and clean them off if necessary by scuffing the end of the terminal with a piece of sandpaper. Clean off any white calcium looking corrosion. Also check the bolt that attaches the positive cable from the batter to the Power Distribution box (thats that black box right behind the battery that has a lid on top and fuses inside). On the side of this the positive battery cable is attached with a nut to a stud. Make sure that isn't loose and does not have any corrosion on it.. clean if necessary.

    What kind of alarm system is it? Name brand if you know.
  14. there's no power at all and its a viper alarm system 350hv