Won best engine now showin' it!

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  1. very - very nice !:hail2:
    beatiful car and beatiful engine bay.
    did you do all the polished parts, or did you buy them, is so where?
  2. Congrats - what's that where the battery used to be?
  3. A dollar says it's the coolant reservoir.
  4. My vote is for MSD cover.
  5. Damn almost forgot....damn nice car my man.
  6. beautiful car congrats
  7. I see it peekin' out from underneath :nice: Nice eye.

    Ok, so what's the rectangle on the strut tower? Coil cover? Just noticing the custom details ;)
  8. A1 on the coil cover. I remember having the two pc power steering pump cover, those were the days. Took her out for a little spirited ring seating session...when I returned I had the new 1 pc power steering pump cover. :)
  9. I hated that thing. Driving once and hear POPPOPPOP - damn cap flew off and got scuffed up on the street. I very much prefer the chrome job on the reservoir, mostly cuz you don't see it done too often :nice:

    TruBlue, I love the way those rims go against the yellow! :hail2:
  10. Yes the covers are for the MSD and the coil. I have hid all the wires but didn't weld all the holes yet. I JB welded them and what you don't see is the chanel on the frame rails is polished stainless plates to fill them in. I did most of the polishing myself but i have to give credit to Dave also. Once i get my finances back after buying my wife a new suv after her accident i will be getting some polished headers and a A/C compressor from Dave!
  11. Sounds excellent.
  12. :jaw: :hail2: :Teh-Win: by far one of the cleanest notches. i wish i had the money.
  13. Dave is an OK polisher guy :p I guess.:D
  14. It would look a thousand times better if the engine bay was yellow as well.
  15. I personaly like the look of the black and silver in the engine bay. Someday it will probably be all yellow when i have the time. Right now its a daily driver and i can't take it out of service for that long. The engine bay was black when i bought it 3 years ago for $2,500 with a recked front end. I haven't had time to pull the motor and weld everything up so for now i filled all the holes with jb weld and left it black. When i build the new motor i will probably change to yellow. I'm just waiting on the extra cash to do it. I'm on the second paint job and the fourth AOD in 3 years (this time i went with a lentech).
  16. Wow I guess I'm lucky. My stock AOD has lasted for a few years now with the blower and heads and everything! It's coming out this spring though.
  17. My stock one lasted about a month after i got it. Then i had a shop install a heavy duty one with a shift kit and that blew after 3 months. Then i bought a art carr and that lasted 6 months. Now i bought a lentech and installed it myself. I know nitrous is hard on trannys but i really think theese shops didn't know how to adjust the TV cable properly.
  18. Looks Good :nice: I like the custom covers. Nice detailed engine bay. The car looks great.