Wow, awesome eBay ad......LOL

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  1. This guy offers a sweet service to mustang owners:

    Wow, finally I can have all of my interior pieces painted, and all I have to do is pay someone else to do it:banana:. And I know whenever I am hiring someone, I want a person that uses numbers instead of words, and "u" or "ure" in place of the actual words. And I also think we should all start spelling the word
    "colors" with an 'E' instead of that second 'O'......:stupid:
  2. looks like one of the pictures is photoshopped, and the rest dont look all that much different than stock. But yeah, If you can't spell simple english words, then you arent getting near my car with a spray can.

  3. :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:
    some kid at my school did that to his car. he got it done in blue and white. it looks dumb. and everyone makes fun of him because his interior is painted.
  4. If its done right, and you know how to spray paint, its not bad. I did mine after i got my mirror trim and i think it looks 10x better than what it did all black. Of course im not done either, still need a few things... You can see for yourself if you check out my link in my signature.