WOW this Cobra WHINES!!!

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  1. sick. I don't know if I like the supercharger to be louder than the exhaust though LOL!
  2. I like it, but for a daily driver, it might get annoying.
  3. lol imagine trying to take anyone for a ride in that car, they would be ****in the whole time.. "hey whats that noise? whats wrong with your car?" hahaha
  4. My s-trim I had a nice whine at idle, but this thing is just too much. Sounds like a bearing is going out.
  5. that is so annoying, it sounds like someone hooked up a god damn kazoo
  6. That thing sounded wicked on the "cruising" shot.
  7. i like it.. i dont think that would ever bother me... i would look forward driving it just because of that at
  8. It's cool, I suppose, but I hear they have caused some damage on a few Cobras.

    To me, it's reminiscent of those whistles you'd get at Chuck E Cheese. ZZZZiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg. LOL
  9. Well,Im thinking about making a manifold to put an old school 6-71/8-71 GMC stlye blower on a 5.4 mod motor.

    Think that would be worth the trouble?

    I know they cna make more power than the Eaton M112
  10. That thing is bad ass! That blower whine wouldn't bother me at all. It sounded amazing at WOT with the charger whining and the exhaust doing it's thing. Ahhh my next mustang will be an 03 Cobra