Wrecked Car - Suggestions? Advice? Blah?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JMHCobra, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Well, first things first ... this post is concerning the '96 Cobra in my signature.

    The thing has 37,300 miles on it, has never been in a wreck before and has never needed any sort of work done on it.

    Yesterday, while driving home from about a half mile round trip to the local PC Club store, I lost traction going through a curve and spun out (damn Tulsa street sanders ... I swear, the tons of sand they put down on the roads is more dangerous than the snow itself, especially after all of the snow has evaporated. Furthermore, I was an idiot for giving it ANYTHING besides coasting). Anyways, the front end of my car popped up on a curb -- there appears to be no damage to the front end of the car, there's no knicks or scrapes anywhere, but when the right-rear wheel hit the curb, it broke off entirely. The engine still starts and runs fine. It appears the axle is broken, the rotor is destroyed, and there's some bent plastic here and there (looks like the rubber sheeting on my parking break is torn, too). I'll probably need two replacement rims (the back right one is destroyed, the front right has a huge dent in it) as well as a tire or two, plus whatever damage was done in that rear-right well.

    My question is this ... what kind of damage, based on the sort of assesment I gave here, might I be looking at? Like I said, there appears to be no damage to the frame or any other elements of the car ... it's really quite amazing there's no body damage ... but the axle appears to be broken (when my father was surveying the damage, he used the phrase "half shaft" ... but this car's a solid rear ... Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this mean I don't have half shafts?) and the whole rotor/brake assembly is kaput.

    I doubt we'll tell the insurance company of this as there were no other cars involved and I luckily managed to hit no roadside objects (I was about five feet away from a tree and a fence ... about fifteen feet away from a light pole). But, the car is eight years old and the best I could sell it for, before this anyways, was $12,000 or $13,000 privately, or maybe $10,000 back to the dealership. My brother-in-law got a little bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I told him what had happened, as he offered to pay the car's worth and fix it up himself if we decide it's not worth it to pay for the damage.

    The car was going to be traded in or privately sold for either an upcoming '05 GT, or a payment on paying off another lease come next year. It's really ****ty timing, honestly ... and to think, I spent all this time babying the thing and being so weary of my driving only to spin out in a neighborhood. Perhaps I should be thankful I didn't hit an oncoming car or the like.

    Suggestions/comments/people who are familiar with this type of situation, your input would be very much appreciated!

    In the meantime, I'm officially :owned:
  2. sell it to your brother....let him deal with the heart-ache and make him happy. Save for the 2005 cobra as that thing is going to be a [email protected] monster. This could actually be a good occurance for you......you never know. Be thankful that your car is the only thing messed up though. Insurance companies are a pain....good luck with whatever happens
  3. Cough, cough, 2006 Cobra, cough ;) SVT isn't making one in the first model year of the new Mustang.

    I feel your pain about your car though, but count your lucky stars that it wasn't worse. It sounds like you aren't in too bad of shape to me, granted I'm not a mechanic or shop person, but I can't imagine how the damage would even come close to making you get rid of it! Since you're getting rid of it in a few years you can put in a used rear end out of a GT or Cobra, used rotor, just have someone fix everything else that got messed up in the rear, put on a couple new wheels and tires and you should be all set.

    I definitely wouldn't deal with insurance, just like you said -- you'll just be without transportation for a few days, but you can deal with it I'm sure. The road crews use the same damn sand around here too, and i'm sure you'll approach it differently from now on! Good luck!
  4. After everything was said and done, decided to have the car towed to the Ford dealership about two miles down the road (didn't know of any reputable shops to take it to).

    They quoted me a $3300 estimate on "whole rear end" (the service reps exact words), and that's not even including whatever replacement tires and, apparently, a front right rim (had an enormous dent in it and I guess they overlooked it). They want to charge me $400 for each replacement rim when I can get an entire set of new, '98 Cobra rims for $550 (I always preferred the look of the 98s).

    I've found rear axles with the gearing of my choice (mod opportunity, perhaps?) in the $700 range, and a completely refurbished, entire Cobra rear end from stangparts.com for $850.

    At this point, though, I'm going to try and get a complete list of what they want to replace and see if I can shave off cash anywhere and perhaps find a shop somewhere in town I can take it (I don't know of hardly any here in Tulsa). If worse comes to worse, at least I can save money on the rims and get some steeper gears (this is assuming they'll install 'em!).
  5. no cobra in 2005? I thought i read something about it being released....who told you that???
  6. It's just all they've ever been saying in the 2005+ Mustang boards. You can send a PM to BamaGT if you want more information, all I dug up after a quick search was this thread.

    2006 Cobra

    It's not likely to have a limited production car the first year of any new model, just like there will be no Z06 for the C6 Corvette, it will reappear again a year later.
  7. Dealers will always want to replace any effected part with new retail priced parts from Ford. This will always (IMHO) be your most expensive path to get repaired.

    As far as your question about shafts, you've got a soild rear meaning you don't have A-arms in the back. You've still got half-shafts in the back that go into your differential they just don't pivot up and down like the IRS does.

    I'm suprised your not dealing with insurance. I guess it is always scarey because you don't know what they'll do after they charge you the big bucks. My car got some damage on the passanger side door from a ceramic pot flying off a truck. $2500 later it was fixed. I only paid $250 but there was nothing I could do to avoid this situation short of swerving all around the freeway and taking other cars out with me. My insurance rates never went up. Your situation may be different though.

    Is your car paid off? If so you could always have your insurance pay for the damage and then remove your collision insurance if they want to overcharge you afterwards. Just an idea. I think it sucks how they rape us on rates and they we're always afraid to use them for what they insure us for.

    I'm not sure what to say as far as repairing or not on your dime. I'd probably do the work myself w/ friends help but I'm lucky enough to have a truck and a garage I can use. Like you said you can get a complete rear end for a decent price. I wonder what else you'll need though? How fast were you going when your tires hit the curb?

    Sorry to hear this happened but glad your OK. Good luck on whatever route you take
  8. this is exactly why i don't drive my cars in the winter. I would fix it up good and sell, or sell to someone who will want it as is if you could.
  9. i know your situation exactly jmhcobra.....i was unfortunate like you and pretty much did the exact same thing as you except for the fact i was in the rain when it happened....i hit hard on the passenger side of the car...very hard into a curb......snapped the right rear axle off at the hub....rim, rotor and caliper all in one piece....front was ok for the most part except the front strut bent and would no longer compress.......had the car towed to a local reputable body shop.....since it was only my car i was very hesitant on going through insurance......was told by the body shop that they would have to pull the rear end out of the car and have it "laser scoped" whatever that means...i assume it was to check to verify that it was still straight or not...well total price came to around 33 for no rear end replacement and close to 55 woith the replacement.....i chose to stay out of insurance and take my own risk.....i bought replacement rims as both passenger side rims were trashed.......boutght rear axle....wasnt sure it was going to work or not but i replaced it anywyas and hoped for the best.....it worked...ive driven it close to 20k so far with no problems and NO noise from the rear....i also replaced the front strut as well....the car drove fine for the most part in that state..however........the rear suspension was very tweaked...aka...upper and lower control arms....the factory arms are obviously not made for strength and mine bent enough where you could feel it under acceleration(shimmying back and forth) and also (after a while) see the difference in the tire to wheel well gap on each side....i replaced the upper and lowers and to this date have not had a single problem with anything.......now your body shop may be covering themselves by saying you need a new rear but my hit was def not light and mine lived......def check the upper and lowers......obviously get new wheels.....also verify that the front strut didnt take too much abuse......i would keep it out of insurance if you can afford it.......i think my spin might have been a little worse than yours but with everything all said and done the car was fine after about 1k and a little work........drop me a line if you have any other questions