Mach 1 Wrecked my Mach twice this week. Help I'm dying here.

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  1. OK coming to work Monday I had some *** Navy Officer in a lexas road rage with me and smacked the passenger side from the door to the wheel. The door might be fixable but I think the area bbehind the door is F*#ked. Then to make my day better I jumped all over the Officer cussing and screaming well he went to his command and they tried to get me in trouble for it. Anyway that blew over once I explained my side. Then Wednesday I'm driving home from this chicks house at 3:30am and came around a corner kinda hard didn't notice it was wet and just plain lost control went up ontp a curb smacked a street sign. The sign took out my headlight area trashed the fender, ripped a section off the front bumper about the size of a basketball. My car didn't even have a scratch on it before monday, I'm going to try and get the fender and bumper fixed myself and then have it painted when they paint the passenger side with the insurance. Oh and since the cop was a *** he decided he had no proof of who's fault the wreck was so my insurance has to pay for mine which means 500$ deductable.:jaw: I can't buy a break.
  2. Well thats a ****ty week... i may be getting a wrecked mach 1 (pasenger door back to bumper damage) and fixing it up and having a nice mach 1 for 1/2 of what it would cost if i would get one that wasnt wrecked (and well i cant afford it anyways)
  3. I think I see a piano falling from the sky in your future...
  4. that sucks. good luck with your repairs. i hope that the repair shop is a quality shop so you dont have a headache later down the road.
  5. Thanks ya'll yep it has been a ****ty week all together, I will fix her the right way but I will sell her after that. And last night I went to this chicks house and actually watched the movie. Man what a week
  6. :owned:
  7. that really sucks, hopefully your car wont be in the shop for too long, when i got rear ended i was machless for about 2 weeks during x-mas break. did you take any pictures of it?
  8. Could be worse,,, I wreacked mine worse drinking and driving... post some pics ofthe damage,,,, i did.
  9. OK wow finally got the 1000dollars to get the Mach fixed. It's been in the shop for about 2 weeks and they are saying another week before I get her back. I changed my mind no way I'm selling my baby. I've had a Nissan Aramada for most of this time now I'm driving a GMC canyon. I could never find something I love to drive as much as my mach so as soon as she gets home I'm slapping new tires and a detail, oil change and nice brakes. And probally add a tune up as well the miles are around 44k so she is due for some pampering. They are having trouble finding a new rear rim Mustang doesn't have any of the 17x10.5 wheels right now so I dunno what I'm going to do about that. And yes I'm having Ford do the work I wouldn't trust it to Joe's overnite fix it:) Thanks for the replies things are getting better these days, but I did smash a barrel on the interstae with the rental, that was actually fun. I love tearing up rentals.
  10. Sorry I don't do well with posting pics. I have a couple of the wrecked ones on my phone and I have some sweet pics of her before the wreck but they are to big:(
  11. ok I can't get the wrecked pics but heres a nice shot of what my should look like when she returns:)

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  12. Sucks about your luck here lately. Your car looks awsome in that picture! :nice: Good luck!
  13. Thanks man looks like mid April I will have her back:(
  14. DSG with black bullitts and deep dish rear...:drool: :drool:

    I hope everything works out for ya. :nice:
  15. well I'm picking it up tomarrow at 5:00 but I have to use my friends stock GT wheels on the back just till the new rim comes in:bang: but thats better than nothing
  16. ok I got it back but it aint right. My fender paint and the hood doesn't match, theres agap in the fender up top by the windshield, fish eyes all in the door jam where they painted with scuff marks from the sanding, the front of the car is darker than the back. I have a 8 inch run in the paint on the passenger side, and they just had to replace the bulb in the headlight because they didn't do it when I picked it up. Can You believe this? I had the car fixed at Ford. Am I being rediculas or should I expect the car be perfect?
  17. not a very professional shop. guess they are not blue oval certified, because they let that crap go out the door. complain to the shop manager, then the general manager, then your insurance company, in that order, to fix your problems. only go one person higher if they cant fix your problem. the insurance company is your last resource. if the shop cant please you, the insurance company will be pissed.
  18. Thats the thing they are Ford Certified. I've already gone off on the Body Shop Manager and he says they will have everything perfect and fixed when I bring it back next week. Thats all wel and good I just can't believe anyone would try to send it out like that. I know I'm not a professional so why couldn't someone anyone notice it wasn't right before allowing it to come to me? thanks for the positive answers Bigcat.
  19. Oh my God!
    So whats new with the car?
    Sorry I didnt see this before.
    I just left my job as a painter
    at an autobody shop.
    (lack of work) You should have done
    two things... 1st Call ford direct and complain. 2end call
    your ins. co. (Who is the co.?) and see where else you can go. Because
    in the shops eyes the car is right when it left and they got paid already. They are not goingto get paid to do it the 2ed time so just think about the job they will do. You DONT want them to paint the car over and over. Its funny people think that if they take it to the dealer that its the best.
    If anyone plans to have there car painted or woked on ask to see the shop, where the cars are painted and meet the painter.. See what they are working on. Ask quesions, ask to see a car that was just painted.
    People did this with me and I gave them a few min. of my time and it went a mile.
    Keep us updated...