Wrecked my mustang :(

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  1. So about a week ago I got into an accident. The roads were a bit wet, i was cruising on the highway about 67-70. Speed limit was 60 and it is a pretty straight highway so i wasn't too woried about losing control on any curves. But then i got cut off and in trying to avoid the car i lost control. I first hit the concrete barrier dividing north and south bound lanes, that caused my car to actually spin, and i was facing traffic and went back across all three lanes of traffic. I hit a curb that was dividing the highway and the on-ramp that was about to merge. This is where the bulk of the damage happened. No other cars were hit, and everyone just kept on driving by since it was 6am.

    Now time for my real question... what's gunna happen now? This is my first accident of any kind. Car has full coverage through allstate. This is the email i got from the estimator. "I forwarded the estimate to Allstate. They are sending a re-inspector to view the estimate I wrote. Both front rails are split and the estimate totals over $18,500. They will review and get back with you. The process should take a few days."

    When talking with him before he used the words frame rails. I always thought if something happened to the frame the insurance company would total it. My car was a 2012 GT premium with the brembo brake package and 11,000 miles.

    Since repairs are less than the value of the car, do you think they are just going to repair it? Or is the whole frame rail issue going to deem the car totaled?
  2. Hard to tell from what you described, but I can't imagine a car with front frame rails damaged that's going to come out repairable. Pics would help, as well as a copy of the itemized estimate.

    BTW: sucks about your wreck. Glad no one was hurt.
  3. I'm guessing it will be totaled. Usually frame damage means the end. Glad you're okay, pal. Bummer about the poor Stang...
  4. Ditto on the frame. My mother's Camry was totalled with even a small amount of frame damage. The summer tires that come with the Brembo package are absolutely worthless when it's below 45 degrees or so, let alone wet. I'm avoiding using the Stang at night until it starts to warm up. I'm swapping to all-weather tires when these wear down.
  5. I'd hope they would total it out...Sure, they could "fix" it for less than its value, but if the structure of the car isn't straight, it'll never really be right again.

    Your insurance company is probably going to look at whether or not the difference in the repair estimate and the total value of the car is less than what they could part out the leftovers for after they buy it from you. I'm guessing the engine, trans, interior, and other pieces are still good and salvageable.
  6. The front frame rails are where the impact bar and core support, behind the the bumper and absorber, connect/weld to.
    They can straighten them or hack them off and weld on new one's, but they will need to make sure they are completely square. Your probably looking at bumper cover, bumper absorber, impact bar, headlight(s), grille, grille adaptor, core support. maybe radiator/condensor, front frame "sections", hood, fender(s), tire, wheel, alignment etc...The labor time is what is going to drive the estimate price up, not to mention if they find additional damage if they decide to repair.

    Coyote5.0 is right, the estimate amount plus the salvage value of the vehicle will determine the amount needed to "total"
    the car. From my experience, once the value of the work is 70%+ of the car's value then being totaled is a good guess.
  7. Was told this summer when I wrecked my cobra 60% value of car and its totaled. That was progressive
  8. I'd say they total it. :/
  9. Sounds totaled, my 2009 was after a slippery hwy fishtail, I finally hit a tree. Allstate took care of me in two weeks
    that's really fast. I made $5,000 on the deal a bought my 2012 3.7, and am I Happy!
  10. Usually they will total 70% of vehicle value and above. Given the correct shop and tools, the car will be as good or better than it was before. These cars are just spot-welded together and when you drill those out, they assemble like LEGOs. Given a bad/average shop with that damage, they will do bare minimum to get the vehicle back on the road and their gravy pay-day and you'll be dealing with a rickety, squeaky, water-leaking POS that is nearly impossible to trade in or resell.