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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by FastDriver, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Offering $1,000 for a complete (minus stuff I don't need - see below) mint black foxbody interior shipped to 45305.

    Want a 9+ out of 10 black interior. This will go in my '91 hatchback with a sunroof.

    Parts I don't need:
    - seats and belts
    - dash (except center vents)/cluster/gauges, etc...
    - Steering wheel
    - gauges
    - radio & speakers
    - switches, window motors, etc...
    - A/C control knobs or trim panel

    Stuff I specifically do need:
    - everything. So this list is not all-inclusive, yet.
    - center console for power windows (including bolt hole covers)
    - Center arm rest/storage compartment
    - Door panels for power windows (prefer w/out map pockets, but definitely without sagging map pockets)
    - door arm rest assemblies minus switches
    - door sills/plastic (holds carpet to body)
    - front kick panels
    - plastic for a-pillars
    - Headliner for hatch w/ sunroof w/ '91+ style map light (non-telescoping)
    - Headliner plastic trim
    - Sun visors
    - plastics that surround the rear 1/4 windows (hatchback)
    - Rear side pocket plastics (the ones to each side of the rear seat)
    - Cargo area plastic panels (sides and rear)
    - All carpets
    - Pony logo floor mats
    - Rear-seat delete
    - All bolts/screws/clips for each part
    - Have something else I'm missing?

    Yes, I will buy components seperately.

    Want to make me a reasonable sale offer on something I need? Send pictures to [email protected]. Offers without current, clear, & detailed pictures will not be considered. I will update this as I get parts. I check this forum regularly.


  2. Don't all hit me up at once... It's hard to keep up with all of you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.