WTF Wattage and RMS wattage... WTF?

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  1. I been looking at two items on ebay that i am interested in but i dont understand how the peak wattage and the RMS wattage compare... If i buy this amp...

    My Amp

    With this sub?

    My Sub

    Would i be ultilizing what i am buying to the fullest?

    As long as i bridge it... of course
  2. Didnt look at the pics,but rms watts is the continous power of the amp.Where peak wattage is the max wattage you will get for a short amount of time.IMHO rms is more important
  3. hey man!!
    don't pay attention to the peak wattage.what you need to look at is the rms wattage of the amp.thats what kinda power you can get out of it while you are jamming.the peak power is roughly what the amp can produce at a brief musical blast,granted you have the electrical system to supply enough power.and to answer your last question,no you or not utilizing your sub and amp to its full could with the amp bridged at 2ohms,but the amp won't stay on long because it will overheat and go into protect.
    that alpine sub is a dual 4ohm won't be able to wire it correctly to get the 500 watts rms the amp puts out bridged,or supply the sub with the 500watts rms it calls for.only way to make the combo work,is gonna be for you to find a dual 2ohm version of the sub,or get an amp that is stable into 2ohms when bridged.
  4. My Setup

    Dont look at peak, peak is basically nothing. Its all about RMS wattage.
  5. +1 for peak wattage is a worthless spec, ignore it
  6. Ok well i ended up buying those two items that i posted so hopefully the amp wont overheat like trieffix said
  7. All amps will overheat over a period of time no matter how you run them. If you are truely worried about it then buy a fan for it. I have the MTX1501D amp wired to 2 infinity reference subs. I can't turn the amp up any higher than about 50% cuz the amp is to much power for the subs. I use to compete at comps a few years back. I had a 96 firebird with 6 infinity subs and 2 of those mtx1501D amps. 149db's!!! But my days of rediculous bass are over. I recommend you just wire that amp up with that sub. Good choice also, the Type R's are good subs. Anyways if you notice that amp is getting hot to quick and constantly shutting off just try adjusting the gain and crossover a little bit untill you get a good clean sound out of your sub and you aren't drawing as much power. Also your setup is only as good as its weekest link. Make sure you buy the proper wiring kit (power,ground,rca's etc...) for your amp. If you notice your lights are blinking when the subs hit you may want to consider a nice Capacitor also or turning that amp down a lil bit more. Have fun man!

  8. thats a nice setup! I have all JL amps and subs also...just not the w7..need my
  9. Thanks. I will call AAA if I need a tow.
  10. I will move this to the Sound Shop. Lots of good traffice over there these days.
  11. it looks like that sub is too small for the amp..thats if you bridge it at 2 ohms. p.s. that w7 looks that 13.5''? and you running both 1000/1 to the w7?
  12. its 13.5 yes, 1 amp is the 1000, the other one is the 450/4 to run the boston acoustics z6's. :hail2:
  13. ^^^ gotcha. damn that must bump.