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  1. I have a 2006 gt (auto) with predator tune and K&N aircharger if I add a catted x - pipe will I experience driveablilty issues or anything.

    thanx for the advice,:SNSign:
  2. The catted X pipe was the second thing I did to my car, first was MAC mufflers, but the X made it louder:nice: No drivability issues or anything at all. However, the only "thing" that came up was the cats threw a CEL. I checked the codes and it was the cats causing it, so I didn't worry. It stayed on until I ordered a tune to turn off the o2 sensors when I got my long tubes put on. But seriously, just get the X pipe.:D
  3. mydnyghte do you still have the h pipe or x pipe that you were using and are you willing to part with the one your not using sopposing that you still have it?
  4. The h pipe has already left for greener pastures, and the X pipe is back on. About 2 weeks ago I put on some Hooker long tube headers with the intention of trying a MAC Prochamber with them, but it ended up being too short. So I had to put the X pipe back on. The Prochamber is sitting in my garage if you are intrerested in it. Its made to go with the stock exhaust, but you have to cut it just behind the cats to install the Prochamber. You can see one installed below.

    And an individual pic of it is here:

    If that piques your interest, shoot me an email. For some reason I do not receive response updates on this forum:shrug:

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