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  1. OK, I have done the research, but I am still VERY confused about the Bassani x-pipe. What will happen if I get the off-road x-pipe? What would happen with the catted x-pipe? Will I fail emissions with any x-pipe or only certain ones? And, will these x-pipes make my exhaust louder (because that's what I want)?

    I know that most of you (specifically moderators) will want to respond with "have you tried doing a search for this? I'm sure you'll find the results you're looking for!" But I just don't understand these x-pipe things.

    Mostly, I'm only 19 and I don't want to spend the $$$ on an x-pipe, spend more $$$ having it installed, then have to spend more $$$ to take it off if I am going to fail emissions. I really want my exhaust to be a lot louder (no, I don't want SLPs) and the Bassani seems like the way to go (at least that's what I have understood so far).

    Thanks for any help (because I'm quite confused)!!
  2. I can say you won't stand a chance passing emissions if you go with any off-road pipe. If you go with an off-road X...just keep your stock pipe until your car gets emission checked. Next time you need to get inspected...swap it out again. An x-pipe with cats should be OK on emissions.

    Not sure if an x-pipe would increases the sound much...when I put my Magnaflow X-pipe (w/ cats) on...I put the Magnapacks on at the same time.
  3. So if the x-pipe won't help with my sound, what should I get to make my car louder?
  4. Magnapacks always help
  5. That's great, but I want to keep my JBAs because I like them a lot more than magnaflows. I want something that I could ADD to my car in order to make it louder
  6. I installed SLPs last weekend and am installing the second X-pipe you link to here (the Bassani X-pipe without cats - the $279 one) this weekend. I'll let you know if its any louder than with the SLPs alone.

    How come you're not interested in the SLPs? They're cheap, look great, and sound mean. In both cases (with the SLPs and X-pipe), you should be able to install yourself. I've never worked on a car before and installed the SLPs without problem. Hoping the X-pipe goes as smoothly, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

    FYI, I got the X-pipe because of early reports that axel-back systems alone were not showing any hp increases, but combined with an X-pipe, there was some experience with hp gain. Now the latest is that hi-flow cats actually make the biggest difference, especially if combined with an x-pipe. For now, I'm keeping the stock cats and seeing if it will be worth it to replace those, too, after I install the x-pipe.
  7. I have SLPs as well and will soon be getting the Bassani x-pipes with the hiflow cats. I will make a post-installation post about sound difference if that helps.
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm turning my back and heading to the dark side!! My girlfriend is getting me the SLPs for our anniversary, I miss my JBAs already... but I NEED something louder and the x-pipe didn't really seem like the way to go if I just wanted to spend money once and have it over with...

    ...of course, since she is getting me the SLPs as a present, then why can I get the x-pipe? Hmmmmmmm, things are looking kinda bright :)

    Let me know how things go with the SLPs and x-pipes, Szlachcic and ILikeBond...
  9. I've had a JBA Axle back on for about 3 months and put a Bassani BX X-Pipe with the comp cats on today and it definatly increased the sound level. The car used to sound good at idle but under exceleration it got quite, now the sound increases and the car sounds more tuned. It came with the pipes to eliminate the cats, dont know about the 05 and MIL eliminators so i'll leave them off for now. Drove the car for about 20 miles no SES light and a big smile.

    The car revs a little faster under exceleration too.

    one draw back is the systems are to long b about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. If you put it on yourself you will need to cut the pipes or your muffler tips will stick out the back wat to far. I had a muffler shop install mine and had the cut.
  10. Toooooooooooooooooooooo late
  11. For what? :shrug:
  12. For me to add the Bassani x-pipe to my JBAs because my girlfriend just bought me the SLPs for our anniversary...
  13. (look at post #9)
  14. If you want your car to be loud. Put an offroad x-pipe on with the loudmouths. I'm not promising it will sound good, but it will be loud as piss.
  15. Piss is good, but passing emissions is even better... call me a dork, dweeb, square, nimrod, or nincompoop, but my car needs to pass emissions because I can't afford to put an o/r x-pipe on, take it off for emissions, and then put it back on = poor college student...

  16. Jesus Christ!! You have been given bad information.. The info they have given you is short sided, and fails to inform you of the tremendous gain which would take place, should you do the smart thing and go XPIPE exhaust.. I am sorry you have been misled.. If you should like a further explanation, please PM me, stating so, and I will post it here.. But this is really strange from these guys, to shy you away from a 10HP to 20HP gain or more, based on whether or not it will enhance the cars sound.. Which it will if you use the Magnaflow XPIPE..
  17. Thanks for looking out for me, but the Magnaflow X-pipe= costing me my left nut... anyways, time to close this thread down since my SLPs are coming next week instead of ANY x-pipe!

    But thank you, MSP, I owe you an ice cream cone for trying to get me the right info!
  18. My primary reason (by far) for installing the X-pipe is the performance gains; the SLPs were for the sound and looks. I'm hoping I experience some gains with the X-pipe alone (for now leaving stock cats on) - I wouldn't be interested in it just for the sound.
  19. There you go, passing the inspection is more important to you than the "loud as piss" factor. I'm sure you'll like your SLPs! Do what works best for you.

    What I got was the Bassani 5-piece kit, which has both o/r legs and comp cats, which can be swapped out pretty easily. I run the o/r legs, and it's loud...real loud. I love the sound (it's paired up with a Magnaflow axle-back). It worked best for me, because all I wanted was the sound - I have no idea if there was a performance gain.

    If you can, give us a sound clip of your new set-up once you get it on!!