X303 cam??

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  1. Is anyone running one?? I currently have a Lunati 51014 that I have not installed yet. I heard that the X cam gives great power (just drive ability sucks) but I have a DD. And I know you need to cut the pistons..

    I'm thinking about going with Trick flow twisted wedge heads, X303 cam, and a Holley Systemmax upper and lower. I also will be doing long tubes, what do you's think good set up or no?

    Thanks guys :D
  2. Would you use a computer processor invented in the 80s to supe up your desktop PC?

    So why use a camshaft invented in the 80s to supe up your car?

  3. Tell that to the 90% of people with mustangs running, E, F, X cams....They must be doing something right :shrug:
  4. I gotta go with Adam on this one..will many people due run them cams and they may see good results, i dont think its 90% of people, and if it is 90% of the people they could be doing better.....and u will no doubt get more power with a custom cam and not have to worry about cutting the pistons and such, and u can tell them exactly what u want the car to do, and not just buy a cam because "someone" said it will be good with ur combo, if anything with that cam and intake i would think ur low end tq would suffer,,I'm am not a cam expert by any means but...You didn't cheap out on ur Name brand Aluminium heads nor did u on ur intake, why cheap put on the cam which is one of the most importtant things in the equation in making power and making that power at what rpm u want...good luck man
  5. I 100% agree with the both of you....Sorry if I came off like that Lol.

    But I could get a very good deal on an x cam instead of spending $300+ a custom grind...We'll see I do agree about not taking the cheap way out when it comes to the cam.

    If I have enough $$ I will 100% get the custom grind. I might look into Comp Cams..
  6. cool :nice:

    hopefully someone with a little more knowledge on that cam will chime in for ya..
  7. Thanks man :nice:
  8. I run an X in my DD, with ported stock heads, an Xcellerator and a 650 dp with 4.30's its not a bear to drive at all!
  9. Not saying you have to buy a custom, even a TFS Stage 1 would do you better then a letter cam. The Crower 15511 is a great little cam. I don't know too much about the Lunati. An AFM B-31 cam will work with the stock pistons and 94-95 eec too.