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  1. Where exactly does the Y-pipe split? Before the muffler? Therefore needing 2 mufflers/tailpipes?
    Or does it split after the muffler?
    I am considering this setup on my 93 NA LX.
    Where can i get the pipe? Anyone have a part number?
    Should I go with 2 1/4 or 2 1/2?

    Thanks a lot for your replies!
  2. Split it after the catalytic convertor, 2.25", two mufflers.
  3. Thanks for the info! You run that setup?
  4. I did until I swapped engines. I'm running a single 3" on the passenger side.
  5. Does splitting the exhaust on a 2.3L really make a difference or is it just cooler looking?
  6. It just looks cooler, you can get as much flow from a 3" single as a 2.5" dual. Personal preference, really.

  7. Is there a noticable difference between a single divers side exhaust and a single passenger side exhaust? It would make since that there would be since you cut down on a few bends and maybe shorten the pips a little.