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  1. One of my friends has got a white 95 GT covertible with a white top and the 6 spoke wheels ( i have no idea what people call these wheels???? I know ponys are the 5 spokes). We were talking tonight and he brough up the idea of putting powdercoated white cobra r's on his car. I was thinking that the stock wheels powdercoated/painted white would look even better!. Im not sure why but I just love the look of those wheels on his car and i think the white would make them look ten times better. So has anyone ever done this or have pics? photoshops? I would really like to see what this would look like. Also a guy he knows can powdercoat the wheels for pretty cheap. What do ya guys think? Thanks Patrick
  2. Toooooo much white for my taste. Gunmetal them janks
  3. i figured someone would say too much white but o well, i guess thats the theme :D
  4. all white = teh win :nice:


  5. I love the white look personally get cobra Rs white
  6. When you first think about it, "too much " comes to mind. But after looking at huskerpower02's it looks pretty sweet. I guess it comes down to what combo your running ie: type of rims, and accessories.
  7. White stock 16" wheels would definitely be unique, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing. I would agree that some White Cobra R's would look good though.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the 6 spoke stock wheels are 17" and they are called tri-spokes.
  9. Oh, I thought he was talking about the 16" wheels for some reason. Yeah, the 6 spoke wheels are 17". I call them tri-bars. My brother calls them tri-ladders. Do they have an official name?
  10. 6 spoke are tribars like mine

    <img src="">

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  11. I did my tri bars black in the middle with a polished lip...(ala 93 Cobra R....minus the polished center cap) and they looked killer. I don't have any pics. Black on white looks ok but something has to break up the "Black and White" theme like a polished lip. However...white on white looks bad ass too....
  12. NO white

    if you are going to do anything to the wheels

    hit the wheels with some paint stripper., then have just the spokes and centercaps powder coated black.

    you will have a very clean rim with a polished lip

    clearcoat the whole rim to finish it off if you can.
  13. i third the idea of the 93 cobra r look
  14. X2 for Teh win for white rims :nice: