35th Anniv Yikes

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  1. The ad says rare color (orange) with gray interior! Should someone tell the dimwit that it's a Performance Red Limited Edition with Black and Silver interior?

    Cars.com: 1999 Ford Mustang GT

  2. Yeah someone should.....btw, its number 105 of 4,628
  3. :)
    LOL! The link is broken now, but I'm pretty sure that's my car! It was for sale in Griffin, Rome, and finally Gainesville, GA. I tracked it on ebay, craigslist, and autotrader. I saw it listed for $11,900 and $12,400. When it was in Griffin, they told me the least they'd take for it was $9400. I was able to get it for a lot less.

    Anyway, here it is at the last dealer where they were asking $7895:

    It ain't perfect, but it's a nice original car. Had just over 75K miles on it when we got it. Looks right at home parked next to our 94.

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  4. sweet, get some lowering springs for that thing ASAP, i cant believe ford made these things look like 4x4 vehicles stock.