You Get What You Pay For...When Will I Ever Learn???

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  1. Well, this thread is mostly to vent my frustration at teaching myself a lesson...again. I have always been a big believer in you get what you pay for, so I have never been one to cut corners. I mean, when I see a good deal, I'll jump on it, but unless absolutely necessary, I refuse to go cheap on most things. Cars being one of them.

    About 3-4 months ago I needed a new clutch on my Mustang. I was working part time for 8.30 an hour for a boss that shaved time off of my pay check. I was needing a clutch baaaad. I would have driven my explorer, but my dad had it out of town and took the keys to his car with him. I was stuck and needed to get my car fixed. I ordered an Ebay special clutch kit. :nonono: I know, I know, but like I said, I was only making 8.30 an hour part time at the time. The kit came with a "stage 2" clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool. Already installed on the car were a UPR quadrant and firewall adjuster. I also added a new Ford clutch cable for piece of mind since I got the discount for working at a shop. The clutch kit also came with a real nice aluminum fly wheel. I got the whole kit and the flywheel for cheap.

    Installation went super smooth and everything went along without a hitch. I took the proper time to break in the new clutch set up and stayed away from the track until it was good and broken in. That was the hard part.

    Right away I noticed that when I released the clutch pedal the clutch didn't grab until the pedal was almost all the way to the top. I got used to that since it seemed to be working fine. It drove great on the street and decent at best at the track. Since the install, I have logged just under 3500 miles and now the fun begins.

    Now that I have a decent job making OK money, I guess it's time the clutch decided to take a crap. Go figure. :shrug: About 1500 miles ago the throw out bearing started rattling like a son of a b**ch, and now the clutch slips in 5th gear only. I can be cruising and shift into 5th and everything is fine. You can cruise along at a constant speed and everything is fine. As soon as you give it any gas, for example, to pass on the highway, the rpm's soar to the red line. You can give it gas gradually or all at once and it does the same thing. All the other gears work fine as far as I can tell, except 5th. Myself, and a very well seasoned Mustang friend of mine have looked it over several times and have adjusted it every which way we can to no avail.

    So, moral of the story...Don't you just love teaching yourself an old lesson all over again?

    The car is getting parked until I can get the stock flywheel resurfaced and a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch installed...with a better t.o.b., of course.

    Thanks :SNSign: for lettig me vent. LOL
  2. Yes, I have learned that lesson and forgotten it too many times in my life :nonono:

    I will never shop at Autozone and when it comes to the cars I wont buy cheap crappy parts.
  3. Just drove the car to lunch and back. Lets change the 5th gear only slip to; 1st through 5th now. If I could kick myself in the ass right now, I would.
  4. Do one of those cool clutch burnouts, lol.

    Sorry to hear about that. You can pick up some decent priced clutches now a days, the King Cobra clutch is decent and won't cost an arm and a leg... assuming the flywheel isn't scored beyond repair you may be able to skip buying a new one.
  5. im just going to resurface the stocker and go with a cobra clutch or centerforce dual friction. i have always had good luck with those. the aluminum flywheel ill hold onto or sell. i dont know.
  6. The Centerforce is always my first choice :nice: My DFX has a lighter pedal then a stock one. I hear the King Cobra clutch is quite stiff :shrug:
  7. KC I thought only comes in 10.5" and you 2004 GT has 11"
  8. Sorry to hear about your clutch. If you can document that your boss is shaving your time, you can file a complaint with your state's employment board and get the money you are owed. He will also get fired (unless he is the owner) and the business will get a very hefty fine.
  9. i quit that job months ago. but, right before i did i called the EPA, OSHA, fire marshal, and department of labor. lets just say his wallet and patience were tested often. :D

    you are right, the KC wont work, but the 11" cobra one will. just got to see whats available around here to pick up like, tomorrow so i can get this thing fixed over the long weekend.
  10. I've been their before, I just had to have my car towed because of a China made UPR clutch cable that snapped on my way to must have been binding because the shop that fixed it put in a new one and the clutch now feels softer than stock.
  11. Yeah, I always use clutch cables from ford. I have always had good luck with them. Plus, price wise they are on par with the aftermarket, well some of them.