You got an AOD? a Transgo is a must!!

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  1. I just put on a Transgo with the firmest settings, and oh my god what a difference, the shifts are so fast and firm its great. I ran a 13.5-13.6 before this and im guessing 2-3 tenths easy, this is a must for an AOD, it feels like a manual now, I even had my buddy who is anti AOD drive it and he said it feels real nice! Everybody always told me the stock AOD left alot to be desired, after adding a Shiftkit, and a 3000 stall i see what they mean!
  2. I totally agree! An AOD is very liveable with some 4.10's, a good shift kit, and a good TC. Feels good dont it???!!!
  3. Oh it feels GREAT.
  4. And no silly rowing of the gears all day long to boot...
  5. we just did the tci shift kit to my brothers aod, and it shifts real hard to. breaks them loose into second and third is a bark. what are you launching at kdub?
  6. Whats up dude!!:nice:
    How does it shift during normal driving with the shifter in OD ? I have the Trans-Go also but not at the firmest position.
  7. whats the specs on the convertor?
  8. sounded like he said its a 3000 stall!:shrug:
  9. duhh but wut inch? lockup? nitrous ready?
  10. u put the shift kit in your self?? or had a shop do it? if now much? or if u did it your self was it hard to install??
  11. Install was very easy, I did it myself with help from a friend. It comes with a tape, and it shows each and every single step in detail, great tape!!! It's not to difficult at all to do. The Converter is a TCI 3000 Street Fighter, 10 inch Converter, I cant tell you whether its nitrous ready or not, but its gonna see a blower pretty soon!! I decided to get the lockup version simply because i only to the track 6 or 7 times a year. As far as everyday dring with the shiftkit its not bad at all. Just crusin around i noticed it shifts at a slightly higher RPM than before, But its very streetable. When you punch it though ahhh man, the shifts throw you back its great. Ive been launching at the line at 2700-2800 RPM, thats the foot stall. I tried flashing it but i spun to much with the ET Streets, I need to mess with the tire pressure.
  12. I installed my transgo shift kit in my buddy's driveway while I was house sitting for him. Pretty easy and the directions are easy to understand. The worst part is draining the pan since the damn things don't have a drain plug.
    Let me know if you need a hand I'll come over and help you out.

    They really do make a big difference. On a stock converter it will bark my DRs under just moderate acceleration. I can only imagine what it will be like with my 3000 rpm. Just gotta get time to put it in.
  13. Be very careful man. If your running a blower with a shift kit and stall, you will snap the input shaft. Being the AOD goes to lock up in 3rd gear i believe and it shock loads the input shaft enough to break it.
  14. we need some new track times.
    like bgjohnson said you need to get a hardened input"pencil" shaft. i have a pa shaft and have cut a 1.49 60ft with it and several 1.50's
  15. sometimes i really kind of wished i kept my AOD and put a stall and shift kit in it.

    Much more durable than a t5. Plus it drives easier.
  16. Is a hardened Input shaft hard to install?

    OT: Thats probably the only time you can use the words shaft and hard next to each other and not be perverted
  17. slides right in.
    but you have to drop tranny and pull converter off.
  18. your using wayyyy to much converter! I dont see how your spinning the ET's..If your heating them rite there should be no spin!! Get some M/T DR's! Launching at 800rpm will get you 2-3 tenths with traction! (over a 2700rpm launch)
  19. I might buy my brothers GT w/ an AOD, and was thinking about installin a kit. Would it even be worth it to get a converter for a stock 302? Also, do you have to buy special o/r H pipes for AOD's or willt he ones from a 5spd fit?
  20. yes, converter is best mod you can do to a aod stang next is gears and shift kit. i have a stock motor with just bolt-ons. valve covers never been off this car.

    some long tube headers are 5-speed specific but shorty headers and h pipes are standard for both.