you guys seen latest November Road & Track?

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  1. Makes sense to me...

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    I think it actually looks pretty good from that small picture. But it makes it that much harder to stick with mine...

    and this...


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  2. I like how they kinda made the front end look like the GT500 in a way. Makes me almost want to keep my 06 for a while instead of trading for a terminator.
  3. That is NOT the next generation Mustang. Look inside and there is a credit to the studio that did the photo chop.

    Reliable sources say the 2010 Mustang (delayed from 09) is going to have hips. I do not see any hips on that photochop.
  4. Also I heard the fogs will be moving out of the center grille... It's nice to dream, but we won't know anything until probably 2008
  5. The Mustang on the grille of the car pictured on the cover is going in the opposite direction from that of the traditional Mustang. Any ideas as to why?
  6. Because it's a bad photochop on Road & Track's part. All they did was modify the front end a little and called it quits. I doubt the real next revision of the Mustang will look like that.
  7. Are you all forgetting the Ford said all the body panels except the roof will be different for the refreshing? I hope that's not what it'll look like though. If you actually see the mag, and the other pics, it's fugly. I want muscular fenders and hips dammit!! :D

    But whats real interesting is the 2012 concept thats in the same article. It's looks edgier, with sharper creases (but ugly imo), and they talk about the base V6 to be the new 3.5L V6 putting out 250hp-270hp and the GT's V8 to be 350hp-400hp!