Your 03 Cobra Rims/Tires

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by NewbStang, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Hey I got 03 Cobra rim/tires on my car..What psi is factory recommended for teh 275/40/ it the usual 32psi on all sides?
  2. Yea, 32 or 35, I run mine at 30psi they seem rock hard w/ that amount. . At the track about 24 to 25psi.
  3. I always go with what the Tire Manufacturer's recommends NOT the Car Maker, usually 2 to 4 pounds under Maximum. Yes, hard ride, but tire life like 90,000 miles plus on Ford and Dodge One Tons.
  4. on all sides?

    Actually, I thought it was 32psi on the drivers side and 33psi on the passenger side--since you usually take more left-hand turns.

  5. I always run 30 to 31 psi on mine even though recomended is 32 psi all the way around...rides the best and still gets good tire wear and at the track around 20psi unless im running drag radials then i run around 14psi