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  1. I have a 93 notch with 90k on her. Its red with factory blk interior thats spotless. the body is terrific.

    I have always wanted an 03-04 Cobra. Will I ever get that type of performance from turbo or super charging my coupe? I dont want to spend 10k to do it.
    With the easy things you can do to a cobra, with pulleys, tuning etc. will I have to dump mega bux into mine?

    Or does anyone like the idea of the 04 motor and harness going into my coupe.

    I will have to wait several years to buy the cobra, if I did that.

    What would you do?
  2. Turbo your Coupe......its can be done for way less than 10K.

    Hellion makes a kit that is bolt in and go, some tuning and assembly required!
  3. You could do a cheap JY turbo kit if that the route you want to go. The 03-04 cobra motor will fit if you want to throw that in too, but it will prolly cost you the 10k you dont want to spend. Think of it this way, you are comparing a 38k car to a 10k car (new). your gonna have to spend money to get the performance you want.
  4. Droppin an 04 engine in is a cool idea but between the cost of the engine and extra parts and labor(unless you do it yourself) is going to be a lot more than 10K. Your better off with a turbo set up.
  5. AGREED.. and if you think you want to buy a cobra your way over budget then. and you can easily have way over 400 hp for undert 10k. a trick flow top end kit would net you 35o ish by itself. to the tires. and a hp performance turbo kit can send your stock motor over 450 hp by itself and its $4599 so together you could have way more than enough power to bust your block. or another alternative is a built efi 351.
  6. Thanx for the opinions, I just want o be able to compete with a cobra if Im not going to get one, thats the power Im looking for.
  7. Are you mechanically inclined? I mean as far as fabricating and everything? If not, i wouldnt try putting that drivetrain in your car.. there is a thread around here where a guy did that, and it was ALOT of work. I wouldnt even attempt it, but you might be 100x more mechanically inclined than me.

    You really cant compare your car to a car thats 10 years newer, but there are several options out there to get you to run with the cobras... I would personally get a nice solid block like a dart or the boss block thats coming out.. a jay allen custom cam, some serious heads like TFS-R's or canfields, a well built bottom end, and put a blower on it.
  8. In order:


    And if you could do the motor swap with an 04, there's a guy in my town that did it and it runs... Well lets just say it'll run a turbo stang.
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    What color is the Notch? This is VERY IMPORTANT! :mad:

    If it's black, KEEP IT.

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  10. LOL, didn't see it was red. Paint it black. :hail2:

  11. Oh shoosh.

    Turbo the sucka, drop a Tremec and a good clutch/driveshaft in, play with the suspension a bit, and you'll run whatever you can find.
  12. Leave me be with my Black Notch fetish. I'm harmless. Sometimes. :D
  13. TURBO! TURBO!! TURBO!!! A little boost goes a LONG way!:flag: