zex vs trickflow

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  1. okay i have a huge decision to make and a couple of questions.

    Im deciding between a 125 shot zex wet kit with everything, purge, warmer, bottle opener, ect.

    or trick flow h/c/i twisted wedge, stage 2 cam, and efi street intake.

    What do i NEED to run the h/c/i. and by NEED i mean what do i HAVE to have. Can i run it on the stock tb? Do i have to upgrade the MAF? What do i absolutly need? I will eventually get the tb and maf and AFPR and fuel pump and injectors im just too impacient and wanna get the h/c/i on right away. So what do i need? Going this route costs more - and i would have to wait longer for some more money.

    Which would u choose?
  2. Stage 2 cam on a stock motor=bad
    Stage 1 cam youo would need:

    73-76 MAF
    65-70 TB
    190L FP
    24LB Injectors

    take the H/C/I... realiable power ALL the time. Spraying an old engine could be bad news, plus with spray you will still need to get a bigger FP and AFPR.
  3. Hows a stage 2 cam "bad for a stock motor"? He'll be using TW heads. Anyway, thats the wrong cam for a street heat intake, you'll need a track heat AND at a 410 gear. If you dont plan on either of the 2, you NEED a street heat. Get yourself a 75mm TB and do NOT listen to internet racers who say its "too big". Get 30lb injectors and an 80mm pro-m. I'd build up the engine before spraying. Thats exactly what I did, but I just sold my nitrous.
  4. stage 2 will require new springs on the heads (acording to TF website), loss of low end torque....the stage 2 was the cam recommeded for a 331 I was thinking of building by Coast High Performance. I agree the stret intake is too small for the stage 2 cam.

    I would replace the RR's and you will need new pushrods for the heads.
  5. If i get bare casting heads what do i need i need to buy to get them up and running? Is it worth it?
  6. Ok, i think that the 2 arent even compaireable.

    The zex kit is gonna total like $700ish (new/used) and the heads/cam/intake will run you like $2000 with labor. Why not meet in the middle and do an intake ($400), Throttle body ($190), MAF & 24s ($250), zex kit ($700) and then a set of gears and a AFPR... that will make you at about the $2000 estimate.

    This way you can add some natural power and still get your zex kit too. then you can add the heads and cam later.
  7. wouldnt a new intake out flow the heads and be bad?
  8. totally agree.. dont be scared of the hose