Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. March 18 2014 Hood Pins

    horse sence
    It's been a while since my last update ,the weather is finally clearing up .
    I bought the hood pin kit from Stang-Aholics ,it's a Scott Drake kit in stainless steel and it is nice . The pins bolt into the hood bumper bracket ,you need to drill them out to 1/2 inch first .The hood bumper then moves to the first fender mounting bolt hole .I just screwed the cable for the pin clips right beside the hood bumper mount.
    I used my hole saw kit and drilled a 3/4 inch...
  2. Jan.1 2014 primed vent covers

    horse sence
    I epoxy primed the quarter vent covers, front and back, with two coats .A block sanding and they would be ready for paint .The fenders and hood will be next . _MG_4172.JPG _MG_4173.JPG
  3. Dec. 29 2013 vent covers in place

    horse sence
    one thing i forgot to consider while making my covers was when shaping my covers on the English wheel ,the metal shrinks in size as the curvature is formed . i got lucky ,all the rivets worked ,just barely . they look a lot nicer formed to match the curvature of the quarter,rather than being a flat panel just riveted in place. i used a few aluminum rivets to hold them in place as i drilled the rive holes so they would not move around, they will drill out easily. the next problem will be when...
  4. Dec.28 2013 quarter vent covers

    horse sence
    _MG_4151.JPG _MG_4146.JPG _MG_4142.JPG _MG_4150.JPG _MG_4143.JPG _MG_4145.JPG _MG_4149.JPG _MG_4148.JPG i was going to use Shelby quarter windows but pricing changed my mind.
    i decided to go with block off panels instead. i decided to make my own ,the last ones i bought were not all that great. i made them from 18 gauge
    mostly because that is what i have here. i started...
  5. Nov.11 2013 IT ROLLS

    horse sence
    i cleaned up the old suspension and bolted it back in so i could roll it out of my paint booth. :spot: _MG_4071.JPG _MG_4073.JPG _MG_4074.JPG _MG_4075.JPG _MG_4076.JPG _MG_4077.JPG