2011 mustang nitrous kit

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by streetmotorz, Feb 15, 2012.

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    have a nitrous kit with all the goodies to fit a 2011 mustang gt It is a nitrousoulte brand x kit with fuel rail adapter for the 2011 gt...... wet kit you will get the following 10lb nitrous bottle black , kit was only used for about 3 bottles, almost like new come with fuel, nitrous, and purge solenoids. Yes comes with purge main line from bottle to nitrous solenoid soft fuel line from fuel rail adapter to fuel solenoid. 2 braided lines from nitrou/fuel solenoids to nitrous nozzle wet nitrous nozzle come with zex wot switch jets for a 75shot are on, need to look for the rest. 2 bottle brackets 1 off/on switch all fitting and wires to hook it up to your car, No pics, the kit is just like new, im a nitrous outlet dealer, i can take pic of the stuff on the car cause i have not uninstalled it yet. will do when sold email or text/call 830-352-9966
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