2015 Ford Mustang clay model suppositioning

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    Yes, we know they are likely yesterday’s Ford Mustang renderings discarded, but they are still something to take note of when focusing on where the 2015 Mustang could be and also where everyone is claiming it to be. The buzz over at Mustang6G seems to point toward the Aston Martin nose and fastback posterior being the focal point of the 50th Anniversary Mustang design.
    The photographs depict nothing necessarily new or unexpected from what we’ve all already seen to date, but the interesting part is, more and more intel keeps leaking/leading toward the same conclusion, and no one is really refuting it as blasphemy. Guess that doesn’t mean anything, particularly, as it’s one thing for sure, that Ford Motor Company knows how to keep a surprise hidden in their trunk.
    So until we reach the advent of the 2015 Mustang model year, we all have to keep the nail biting up, and the rumor mill a’ churning…
    Source: bieberfever.com
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