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    hey everybody so im rather new to this site and not quite sure how to use it... but here goes nothing soo im going to be starting a project build which i hope to put into a foxbody mustang but first for the motor. i started with a 1984 f-250 with a 351w in it. i plan to dissasemble the motor this weekend just trying to figure out my best options. ive never rebuilt a motor before i want the motor to put out around 375-400 hp after all said and done ive been searching online and found tons of different options but nothing that really explains what benifits i will get or exactly where to start. what would be my first steps as far as parts go is there anything specific i need to know? should i buy a complete rebuild kit or should i search for parts separately? when i bring it to the machine shop is there anything specific i should be asking them to do? does anybody recommond boring the engine? does it make that much of a difference? thank you guys for the help
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