CDC iLight bar for 2005 – 2013 Ford Mustang convertible

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    It’s officially 2013 and what better way is there to get things going than to shine a little light on a newly released product for the Ford Mustang, crafted by Classic Design Concepts (CDC)? The CDC team focused upon aftermarket and OEM product excellence for domestic automobiles has announced a slick new light bar for 2005 through 2013 Mustang convertibles. This new “iLightBar” fits any Mustang V6 or Mustang V8 drop-top, and is based upon the CDC Classic LightBar, which has been a phenomenal seller during the past years. The iLightBar gets some new-age styling, LED lighting for the cabin, and just generally adds some character & flair to the Mustang’s curb appeal.
    This iLightbar is made from steel tubing, comes with all the brackets & hardware required to perfect mate to the Mustang’s B-pillars, and is wrapped with quality grained vinyl to match the interior finish. CDC also offers the iLightBar for the Ford Mustang convertible in 4 color/style options: Charcoal, Dove Gray, Camel, and Carbon Fiber.
    Interested in learning more? Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Press Release which follows!
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